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ASTR 2070AThe Solar SystemLocke Spencer
ASTR 3020AIntroduction to CosmologyDavid Naylor
ENGG 2060AEngineering MechanicsBehnam Seyed Mahmoud
ENGG 2060L1ENGG 2060 Lab 1Behnam Seyed Mahmoud
ENGG 2100NThe Engineering Profession IIChad Povey
ESPS 8000ADoctoral ThesisArundhati Dasgupta
ESPS 8000BDoctoral ThesisJames Byrne
ESPS 8000CDoctoral ThesisChristopher Hopkinson
ESPS 8000DDoctoral ThesisMichael Gerken
ESPS 8000EDoctoral ThesisPaul Hazendonk
ESPS 8000FDoctoral ThesisHester Jiskoot
ESPS 8000HDoctoral ThesisWei Xu
ESPS 8000JDoctoral ThesisDerek Peddle
ESPS 8000KDoctoral ThesisBehnam Seyed Mahmoud
ESPS 8000LDoctoral ThesisCraig Coburn
ESPS 8000MDoctoral ThesisDavid Naylor
ESPS 8000NDoctoral ThesisPaul Hayes
ESPS 8000ODoctoral ThesisLaura Chasmer
ESPS 8000PDoctoral ThesisLocke Spencer
PHYS 1000AIntroduction to Physics ISaurya Das
PHYS 1000L1PHYS 1000 Lab 1Mark Tipper
PHYS 1000L2PHYS 1000 Lab 2Arif Arifuzzaman
PHYS 1000L3PHYS 1000 Lab 3Md Kamruzzaman
PHYS 1050AIntroduction to BiophysicsMark Tipper
PHYS 1050L1PHYS 1050 Lab 1Geoffrey Sitwell
PHYS 1050L2PHYS 1050 Lab 2David Osunbiyi
PHYS 1050L3PHYS 1050 Lab 3Geoffrey Sitwell
PHYS 1050L4PHYS 1050 Lab 4Christopher Benson
PHYS 1050L5PHYS 1050 Lab 5David Osunbiyi
PHYS 2000AIntroduction to Physics IIMark Walton
PHYS 2000L1PHYS 2000 Lab 1Vince Weiler
PHYS 2000L2PHYS 2000 Lab 2Vasil Todorinov
PHYS 2000L3PHYS 2000 Lab 3Vince Weiler
PHYS 2130AWaves, Optics and SoundKenneth Vos
PHYS 2130L1PHYS 2130 Lab 1Chad Povey
PHYS 2130L2PHYS 2130 Lab 2Jeremy Scott
PHYS 2130L3PHYS 2130 Lab 3Chad Povey
PHYS 2150AQuantum Mechanics IPasquale Bosso
PHYS 2925AIntroduction to Experimental PhysicsSteve Patitsas
PHYS 2925L1PHYS 2925 Lab 1Steve Patitsas
PHYS 3750AContemporary PhysicsSaurya Das
PHYS 3750T01PHYS 3750 Tut 01Mark Tipper
PHYS 3800AMethods of Theoretical PhysicsDavid Siminovitch
PHYS 3840AIntroduction to Computational PhysicsArundhati Dasgupta
PHYS 3990AInstrumentation for Photoactivated Cellular BiologyLocke Spencer
PHYS 4175AThe Electromagnetic InteractionKenneth Vos
PHYS 5015AAdvanced Quantum MechanicsMark Walton
PHYS 5015AAdvanced Quantum MechanicsMark Walton
PHYS 5850APhysics of the Interstellar MediumDavid Naylor
PHYS 6000EMaster's ThesisLocke Spencer
PHYS 6000GMaster's ThesisSteve Patitsas
PHYS 6000HMaster's ThesisKenneth Vos
PHYS 6000IMaster's ThesisBehnam Seyed Mahmoud
PHYS 6000JMaster's ThesisMichael Gerken
PHYS 7015ANo TitleMark Walton
PHYS 7015ANo TitleMark Walton
PHYS 7850APhysics of the Interstellar MediumDavid Naylor