Prior to admittance into the Graduate Degree Program, you will need to find a Graduate Studies Supervisor willing to mentor and challenge you through the course of your degree.

Below is a list of professors currently accepting Graduate Students. To find out more about each person, simply click on the link to be taken to their University of Lethbridge profile, outlining their interests and areas of expertise or e-mail information.

Peter Alward

  • Philosophy of Language
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Metaphysics
  • Aesthetics

Bryson Brown

  • Logic
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Early Modern Philosophy

Trudy Govier

  • Critical Thinking
  • Philosophy of Argument
  • Social and Political Philosophy
  • Peace and Conflict Studies

Kent Peacock

  • Logic
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Philosophy of Ecology

Victor Rodych

  • Philosophy of Mathematics
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Philosophy of Karl Popper
  • Philosophy of Wittgenstein

Michael Stingl

  • Evolution and Ethics
  • Biomedical Ethics
  • Euthanasia

Paul Viminitz

  • Philosophy of War
  • Game Theory
  • Philosophy of Religion

John Woods (Adjunct Professor)

  • Abductive logic
  • Logics of practical reasoning
  • Model-based reasoning
  • Fallacy theory
  • Conflict resolution strategies
  • Legal reasoning
  • The logic of error, the logic of fiction and the history of logic