Summer Session 2017

The following courses will be offered through the Philosophy Department during Summer Session I and II/III. Please note that course descriptions and methods of evaluation are tentative. If additional course information is required, please contact the instructor. For timetable information, such as time or room numbers, please see the Registrar's Office or visit the Bridge. For more information on books, please see the University Bookstore.

PHIL2000A Title: The Meaning of Life
Instructor: Karl Laderoute (MW 9:00 - 11:50)
Recommended Background:  PHIL1000

Required Textbook(s):
Meaning of Life (Klemke)
Note:  this course will be in SSI 2017

PHIL2000N Title: Philosophy and Film
Instructor: Karl Laderoute (TR 18:00 - 20:50)
Recommended Background:  PHIL1000

Required Textbooks(s):  No Textbook Required
Note:  this course will be in SSII/III 2017