Fall 2016

The following courses will be offered through the Philosophy Department in the Fall 2016 semester. Please note that course descriptions and methods of evaluation are tentative. If additional course information is required, please contact the instructor. For timetable information, such as time or room numbers, please see the Registrar's Office or visit the Bridge. For more information on books, please see the University Bookstore.

2000 level, 3000 level, 4000 level

LOGI1000A Course Title: Critical Thinking
Instructor: Victor Rodych

Required Textbook(s):
Introduction to Logic (Copi)


Course Title: Introduction to Philosophy
Instructor: Ardis Anderson (PHIL1000A/PHIL1000B)
Instructor: Michael Stingl (PHIL1000C)
Instructor: Karl Laderoute (PHIL1000D/PHIL1000E)

Click here for details re: required textbook(s) for each section

PHIL2001A Course Title: Introduction to Ethics
Instructor: Ardis Anderson

Required Textbook(s):
Exploring Ethics (Cahn)

PHIL2210A Course Title: Philosophy of Religion
Instructor: Paul Viminitz

Required Textbook(s):
Philosophy of Religion: Selected Readings (Peterson)

PHIL2234A Course Title: Philosophy and the World View of Science: Space, Time and Matter
Instructor: Bryson Brown

Required Textbook(s):
Relativity (Einstein)
Quantum World (Ford)
The Extravagant Universe (Kirshner)

PHIL3350A Course Title: Analytic Philosophy
Instructor: Victor Rodych

Required Textbook(s):
Contemporary Analytic Philosophy (Baillie)

PHIL3401A Course Title: Social and Political Philosophy
Instructor: Michael Stingl

Required Textbook(s):
Contemporary Political Philosophy (Kymlicka)
Global Distributive Justice (Armstrong)

PHIL4000A Course Title: Well-Intentioned Stupidity
Instructor: Paul Viminitz

No Textbook Required