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LOGI 1000ACritical ThinkingKarl Laderoute
LOGI 2003ASymbolic Logic IKent Peacock
LOGI 3003ASymbolic Logic IIBryson Brown
LOGI 5003ASymbolic Logic IIBryson Brown
PHIL 1000AIntroduction to PhilosophyPaul Viminitz
PHIL 1000BIntroduction to PhilosophyArdis Anderson
PHIL 1000CIntroduction to PhilosophyArdis Anderson
PHIL 2010AAncient PhilosophyKent Peacock
PHIL 2220APhilosophy of MindBryson Brown
PHIL 3270ATheory of KnowledgeVictor Rodych
PHIL 3402ABiomedical EthicsMichael Stingl
PHIL 3404APhilosophy of LawArdis Anderson
PHIL 3409A18th-Century Philosophy: Leibniz to KantKarl Laderoute
PHIL 3410AAdvanced EthicsPaul Viminitz
PHIL 3413AFeminist PhilosophyMichael Stingl
PHIL 4000AMinds, Brains, and ProgramsVictor Rodych
PHIL 5410AAdvanced EthicsPaul Viminitz
PHIL 5413AFeminist PhilosophyMichael Stingl