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LOGI 1000ACritical ThinkingVictor Rodych
PHIL 1000AIntroduction to PhilosophyArdis Anderson
PHIL 1000BIntroduction to PhilosophyArdis Anderson
PHIL 1000CIntroduction to PhilosophyKatharina Stevens
PHIL 1000DIntroduction to PhilosophyKarl Laderoute
PHIL 1000EIntroduction to PhilosophyMichael Stingl
PHIL 1000YIntroduction to PhilosophyDavid Ohreen
PHIL 2000APhilosophy through Science FictionArdis Anderson
PHIL 2030A17th-Century Philosophy: Descartes to LeibnizPaul Viminitz
PHIL 3260AMetaphysicsBryson Brown
PHIL 3411AGame Theory in PhilosophyPaul Viminitz
PHIL 3420AWittgensteinVictor Rodych
PHIL 4000ANaturalized Moral EpistemologyMichael Stingl
PHIL 4000BPhilosophy of TimeKent Peacock
PHIL 5000ANaturalized Moral EpistemologyMichael Stingl
PHIL 5000BPhilosophy of TimeKent Peacock