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LOGI 1000ACritical ThinkingKarl Laderoute
LOGI 2003ASymbolic Logic IKent Peacock
LOGI 2500ARhetoric and Reality: Critical Thinking in the Post-Fact AgeKent Peacock
PHIL 1000AIntroduction to PhilosophyArdis Anderson
PHIL 1000BIntroduction to PhilosophyArdis Anderson
PHIL 1000CIntroduction to PhilosophyKarl Laderoute
PHIL 2000AGod on TrialPaul Viminitz
PHIL 2001AIntroduction to EthicsMichael Stingl
PHIL 2002ABelief, Truth, and ParadoxVictor Rodych
PHIL 2233AWorld View of Sci: Earth, LifeBryson Brown
PHIL 2236AEnvironmental PhilosophyMichael Stingl
PHIL 3402ABiomedical EthicsArdis Anderson
PHIL 3404APhilosophy of LawKatharina Stevens
PHIL 3412APhilosophy of ScienceVictor Rodych
PHIL 3450APhilosophy of WarPaul Viminitz
PHIL 4000AReasonable DisagreementKatharina Stevens
PHIL 5000AReasonable DisagreementKatharina Stevens