Past and Present Shining Students

Since 2016, the following students have been recognized as and participated in the Shining Student initiative:

Amanda Weiler Neuroscience
Anesia Young Pine General Major - Humanities
Antoine Gendron General Major - Science
Araba Panyin Sagoe MSc Biological Sciences
Ashley Henrickson History
Aysu Calik Psychology
Behroo Mirza Agha PhD Neuroscience
Blair Yoxall English
Brittany Bovey Political Science
Brooke Kapeller Geography
Brayden Pitcher Psychology
Bryden Schmidt Environmental Science
Catherine Laskowski Neuroscience
Camilla Cenni Psychology
Cassady Campos Computer Science
Cayley Fleischman Neuroscience
Cedric Linatoc General Science/Science Education
Chad Beck Biological Sciences
Chalalai Phawaphootanon Chemistry
Chelsea Wittig Psychology
Chloe Devoy Biological Sciences
Claire Niehaus Neuroscience
Clarice Bryant Biological Sciences
Cody Barnson Computer Science
Colyn Cleland MSc Biochemistry
Cynthia Fonderson Biochemistry
Dan Irete Anthropology
Daniel Rocca Biochemistry
Darren Van Essen Biological Sciences
David McWatters PhD Biomolecular Science
Deema Abushaban Kinesiology
Diane McKenzie Master of Arts, Cultural, Social & Political Thought
Daisy Cruz-Milette Chemistry
Damian La Rosa Montes MSc Biochemistry
Dia Koupantsis Biological Sciences
Douglas Turnbull PhD Earth, Space, and Physical Sciences (Inorganic Chemistry)
Dylan Nikkel Chemistry
Elaine Toth MA History
Elizabeth Eremenko Biological Sciences
Elizabeth Hosker Kinesiology and Psychology
Emily Demyen General Major - Social Sciences
Emily Jones Applied Statistics
Erin Davis Psychology/Religious Studies
Erin Kelly Biochemistry
Farah Rajan Women & Gender Studies and Psychology 
Fiona Spitzig General Major - Science
Fowzia Lopa PhD, Cultural, Social & Political Thought
Geneviéve May Biochemistry
Hannah Scott MSc Neuroscience
Hope Vienneau Biochemistry
Hunter Johnson Biological Sciences
Ira Provost Native American Studies
Jamie Lewis Anthropology
Jan Tuescher MSc Biological Sciences
Janelle Bykowski Chemistry
Janet Poplawski Neuroscience
Janine Jackson Native American Studies
Jasmine Saler Master of Arts, Cultural, Social & Political Thought
Jason Beaver Remote Sensing/Computer Science
Jayme Wong English
Jaxon Reiter Biological Sciences
Jeremy Wu Computer Science
Jessica Franken Neuroscience
Jhanvi Mehta Neuroscience
Joshua Klassen Political Science
Kaden Fujita Biological Sciences
Kahsha Shingoose Political Science
Kairvee Bhatt Finance & Computer Science
Kamiko Bressler MSc Biochemistry
Kate Chua Neuroscience
Katie Wilson Biochemistry
Katrina Taylor Biological Sciences
Keiran Vanden Dungen MSc Biochemistry
Kirsty McFadyen Biological Sciences
Kohl Yee Biochemistry
Kristin Krein Women & Gender Studies
Kyle Cole Economics
Leah Brummelhuis Biological Sciences
Legacy Krampl  Biological Sciences & Psychology
Liam Devitt History
Lilli Young History
Lindey Felske Chemistry
Lindsay Kramers Kinesiology
Luke Saville Biochemistry
Madeline Szabo Neuroscience
Madison Bourassa Biological Sciences
Marielle Stoutjesdyk Physics
Marina Galatonov Biological Sciences
Marissa King Biological Sciences
Mary Siever Women & Gender Studies
Matthew Hammer Neuroscience
Max Guo Computer Science / GIS
Melanie VanWerkhoven Psychology
Michaela Reitsma Chemistry
Michelle Snidal Political Science and History
Mike Bruised Head PhD, Cultural, Social & Political Thought
Milad Naghizadeh MSc Neuroscience
Molly Tilley Biological Sciences
Monica Lockett Sociology
Myles Shirakawa Modern Languages
Nadia Hand Biological Sciences
Nathan Hill PhD Chemistry
Nicole Byford Geography 
Olivia Marasco Chemistry
Peter Millman Master of Arts, History
Prosper Ibhamawu Computer Science
Rajwinder Kaur PhD Theoretical and Computational Science 
Robab Hashemi Physics
Rosie Costen Neuroscience 
Sam Booth Psychology
Sarah Jones Psychology and Kinesiology
Sarah Schultz Biochemistry
Sierra Bruining Psychology
Silva Baiton English
Sheilah Ayers Canadian Studies
Sophia Gross English/Modern Languages
Stephanie Sheppard Biological Sciences
Steven Deutekom Computer Science
Sydnee Calhoun Biochemistry
Sydney Chertoff MSc Psychology
Tanner Layton MA Sociology
Tanner Lockwood Biochemistry

Tessa Penich

Tiffany Higham Sociology and Kinesiology
Trishell Provost Kinesiology
Valentina Ibarra Galvis Environmental Science
Virgil Grandfield English/IMMA
Yash Patel Computer Science & GIS
Yubo Cheng Biochemistry

2019/20 Shining Students


2018/19 Shining Students


2017/2018 Shining Students

Amanda Weiler


"It’s okay to change your mind about everything.”

Favourite Class: Research Methods in Neuroscience
Favourite Social Activity: Blue & Gold Athletics Banquet
Favourite Study Spot: Library

My uLethbridge experience:

  • Varsity Track and Field
  • Co-op work term with Health Canada in Ottawa, ON
  • Co-op work term with the Department of National Defence, Defence Research & Development Canada
  • Undergraduate Research at the CCBN (Applied Studies)
  • Heritage Youth Researcher Summer Program


“Own your education, ask questions, learn about what you love, and get involved in the things that you are passionate about.”

Favourite Class: All ecology classes!
Favourite Social Activity: Sport Intramurals
Favourite Study Spot: Home

My uLethbridge experience:

  • Global Citizenship Cohort
  • Friendliness and availability of profs
  • Oldman Watershed Council volunteer/board of directors 
  • Self-initiate co-op term
  • Independent study/being a tutor for Liberal Education 1000

Araba Sagoe


"It’s okay to not know what’s next. Set an immediate goal, and reach for that.”

Favourite Class: Biology 3420 Animal Physiology
Favourite Social Activity: Graduate student activities!
Favourite Study Spot: My lab

 What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Being a part of Graduate Students' Association
  • Volunteering to be an International Student Mentor
  • Gaining experience in dealing with situations
  • Knowing there’s someone to talk to about future prospects
  • Karis, Claire and Ima at the International Centre

Ashley Henrickson


“Look for opportunities to get involved on campus both inside and outside of your department!”

Favourite Class: Early Modern Britain
Favourite Social Activity: ORS Events!
Favourite Study Spot: Study Cubbies in the Library

My uLethbridge experience:

  • Chinook Summer Research Award Recipient 2014 and 2015
  • Research Assistant (History) Summer 2016, Fall 2014
  • Exhibitor at Galt Museum for ‘Undergraduate Works about Women’s History’
  • The Organization of Residence Students (ORS): Residence Assistant, VP Parkway, Business Manager
  • Canadian Cancer Awareness Club-Executive

Blair Yoxall


"Join lots of clubs and get to know your instructors. If you can develop meaningful relationships with your peers and professors, you’ll get the most out of your university experience. And if you’re moving to Lethbridge, explore the city. Explore the communities neighbouring the city. Find what it is that people love about Lethbridge and Southern Alberta. If you put in the effort to love Lethbridge, Lethbridge will love you back.”

Favourite Class: Women and Gender Studies 2300 Theorizing Women's Lives: Feminist Frameworks
Favourite Social Activity: Chatting with friends in the NASA lounge
Favourite Study Spot: 9th floor by the windows in the day and Markin Hall at night

My uLethbridge experience:

  • Resources for Indigenous students
  • Strong sense of community
  • Co-op work term in Ottawa
  • Numerous clubs and volunteer opportunities
  • Close proximity to great places

Brooke Kapeller


"Please do not be scared to approach your profs or join clubs! Everyone here is super nice & willing to help you find ways to complete your goals & be happy. Also, enjoy it while it lasts!"

Favourite Class: Anything in Geographical Information Science (GIS)
Favourite Social Activity: Geography Club Hikes
Favourite Study Spot: Quiet area of the library

My uLethbridge experience:

  • All of my profs have been great!
  • The Geography Club
  • Classes that took me outside
  • An independent study at Red Rock Coulee over summer 2016 & learning lots of fieldwork methods
  • There are a ton of resources on campus to help students (library (research), counselling, co-op office, profs, other students, etc.)

Catherine Laskowski


"Take advantage of the excellent opportunities at uLethbridge to do undergraduate research. You will gain work experience, create professional networks, build your resume, and contribute meaningfully to the academic discourse."

Favourite Class: Introduction to Neurotechnology
Favourite Social Activity: GSA Wine & Cheese
Favourite Study Spot: CCBN

My uLethbridge experience:

  • Challenging, fulfilling work
  • Meeting people from wide and disparate backgrounds
  • Knowledgeable, supportive faculty
  • Learning how to be a critical consumer of information
  • Mentoring undergraduate and high school students and watching them flourish


"It might sound corny but university is a chance to explore who you are as a person. Don’t limit yourself! Seize every opportunity you get here and try lots of new things, you might be surprised at all the experiences you’re opened up to when you put yourself out there. Also, it’s okay if you run out of breath walking up the Fine Arts stairs, we all do.”

Favourite Class: Urban Anthropology with Jan Newberry
Favourite Social Activity: Soccer intramurals and Pronghorns basketball games (watching people struggle to walk against the wind is an honourable mention)
Favourite Study Spot: Observation deck by the pool

My uLethbridge experience:

  • Working on an independent study on student drug Use with one of my favourite professors, Steve Ferzacca
  • Serving as President and Vice President of the University African & Caribbean Students Association
  • Writing articles for the Meliorist student magazine 
  • Being part of the research team for professor Jan Newberry’s student retention project
  • Working as a Residence Assistant and Vice President of the Organization of Residence Students



“Look for all the opportunities and ways to learn and take advantage of them. Be a good citizen on and off-campus.”

Favourite Class(s): History of Women; Evolution of the Brain and Behavior
Favourite Social Activity: Comradery with other graduate students​
Favourite Study Spot: Library

My uLethbridge experience:

  • Grateful for a liberal education
  • Opportunity at every corner: independent studies, COHT
  • The sense of belonging
  • Support
  • Encouragement

Emily Demyen


"Get to know yourself and follow the path that makes YOU happy."

Favourite Class: Sound(s) & Society
Favourite Social Activity: Going for coffee
Favourite Study Space: Cozy chairs in Markin

My uLethbridge experience:

  • My co-op work term has been the biggest confidence boost because I was finally able to recognize my unique skills and abilities
  • Exceptional professors whose passion radiate in the classroom, have taught me how to think through things critically, which has served me a great deal
  • Merging Animal Assisted Therapy and Art Therapy (HLSC3850) was the coolest course I've ever taken
  • We are so lucky to attend a university that prioritizes liberal education
  • I love being surrounded by so many aspirational academics - it's contagious!