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CREE 1000AIntroductory Spoken CreeMargaret Lamouche
NAS 1000AIntroduction to Native American StudiesHenrie Beaulieu
NAS 2000NNative American PhilosophyLeroy Little Bear
NAS 2700ANative American WomenLinda Many Guns
NAS 2800NNative American PoliticsRoy Pogorzelski
NAS 3300VCCanadian Indian Art History and TheoryJaime Warn
NAS 3600ANative American Literature - AdvancedShelley Stigter
NAS 3700ANative American HealthMaura Hanrahan
NAS 3850AContemporary Indigenous IdeasMaura Hanrahan
NAS 3850BIndigenous Art-Based InquiryLinda Many Guns
NAS 4850AIndigenous Nations of the North West CoastHenrie Beaulieu