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BKFT 1000NIntroductory Spoken BlackfootBeverly Hungry Wolf
BKFT 1000XIntroductory Spoken BlackfootJoAnne Smith
CREE 2210AStructure of the Plains Cree LanguageConor Snoek
NAS 1000AIntroduction to Native American StudiesMaura Hanrahan
NAS 1000XIntroduction to Native American StudiesKerry Scott
NAS 2300VCNorth American Indian Art History and TheoryJaime Warn
NAS 2600ANative American LiteratureShelley Stigter
NAS 2700ANative American WomenMonique Giroux
NAS 2850AImages of the IndianHenrie Beaulieu
NAS 2850BIndigenous People and the Criminal Justice SystemLois Frank
NAS 3850AThe Mik'maqMaura Hanrahan
NAS 3850AThe Mik'maqMaura Hanrahan
NAS 3850BCradle of American CivilizationHenrie Beaulieu
NAS 3850CLanguage Policy and Planning for Indigenous CommunitiesConor Snoek
NAS 4850AThe Symbols that Frame Aboriginal CommunityLinda Many Guns