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BKFT 2000XSpoken Blackfoot IIJoyce Healy
BKFT 2210AStructure of the Blackfoot LanguageInge Genee
CREE 1000AIntroductory Spoken CreeMargaret Lamouche
NAS 1000AIntroduction to Native American StudiesConor Snoek
NAS 2400ATraditional Aboriginal Political EconomyHenrie Beaulieu
NAS 2500ACanadian Indian HistoryHenrie Beaulieu
NAS 2850AIndigenous Research MethodologiesMichelle Hogue
NAS 3500AHistory of Prairie Indian TreatiesPaul McKenzie-Jones
NAS 3700ANative American HealthLinda Many Guns
NAS 3850AThe Inuit of the Arctic and SubarcticMaura Hanrahan
NAS 4200ALaw and Aboriginal Development in CanadaLois Frank