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BKFT 1000AIntroductory Spoken BlackfootLouis Soop
BKFT 2210AStructure of the Blackfoot LanguageNatalie Weber
NAS 1000AIntroduction to Native American StudiesMaura Hanrahan
NAS 2100AAboriginal Peoples and LawLinda Many Guns
NAS 2230AFamily and First Nations' Community DevelopmentLois Frank
NAS 2300VCNorth American Indian Art History and TheoryJaime Warn
NAS 2400ATraditional Aboriginal Political EconomyHenrie Beaulieu
NAS 2600ANative American LiteratureShelley Stigter
NAS 3850AOrality, Literacy and NarrativeHenrie Beaulieu
NAS 4200ALaw and Aboriginal Development in CanadaLinda Many Guns