Universities with programs for Spanish as a Second Language

Universities listed here are only a small sample of all the options available in the Spanish speaking world. Students may choose any university in Latin America (excluding Brazil) or Spain that offers a Spanish program for foreign students. However, in order to complete the SVSP application, approval from the Modern Languages Spanish Off-Campus Coordinator is required.

Univerities with agreements with the University of Lethbriddge.

Subject to availability students attending these universities will pay academic fees at the U of L.

The website provides limited information on courses and dates. Interested students should contact the university directly as soon as posible.

Semester 1: Late February to Late May. Application deadline: Late November.
Semester 2: Early August to Late October: Appliation deadline: Late May.

Semester 1: From the 1st Monday in March to the end of June.
Semester 2: From the 1st Monday in August to the end of November.

Semester 1: March to July. Application deadline: December 15th.
Semester 2: July to December. Application deadline: May 15th.

Other universities