Prior to admittance into the Graduate Degree Program, you will need to find a Graduate Studies Supervisor willing to mentor and challenge you through the course of your degree.

Below is a list of professors currently accepting Graduate Students. To find out more about each person, simply click on the link to be taken to their University of Lethbridge profile, outlining their interests and areas of expertise.


Melanie Collado

Beth Gerwin

My main field of research is literature of the French nineteenth century, particularly the first half. This includes movements such as: romanticism, idealism and realism. I work on the evolution of the novel and the short story (i.e. prose rather than poetry). My main authors include: Honoré de Balzac, Gustave Flaubert, and George Sand. My approach to literature is shaped by literary theory and philosophy. In particular, I am interested in questions of identity, and of how literature helps us to establish or question identity. In this area, I work on: psychoanalysis, feminist theories (particularly French feminism), phenomenology and idealism, and deconstruction.

Tabitha Spagnolo

My general interests lie in early modern French culture, literature, and history while I specialise in the 17th century. My current research revolves around issues of monarchy, identity, gender, and transvestism in French theatre from 1630-1670.

Steven Urquhart

Steven Urquhart works on several topics including monstrosity, silence, theatricality, translation and questions of otherness and difference in Modern Quebec literature. His a specialist of the works of Gérard Bessette. He is currently exploring the literary works of Quebec author, Pierre Gobeil, among others.


Inge Genee


Raquel Trillia

Omar Rodriguez

Popular and mainstream Latin American film. Latin American pop culture.