Student Stories

Go for it!

"I have enjoyed some incredible experiences thanks to the Department of Modern Languages! I was lucky enough to study in Dijon, France as part of my French/Education degree. I’ve had the opportunity to travel all over that beautiful country and meet some incredible people. My language skills have improved immensely, and I have way more confidence in my ability to communicate.

If it weren’t for this program, I may never have seen or experienced the things I have. I’ve seen Paris, Provence, the castles of the Loire Valley, Strasbourg, Mont Saint Michel, Saint-Malo, and many other amazing places. This country is full of contradictions: ancient Burgundian roofs and modern architecture, centuries-old paintings and sculpture and beautiful sidewalk art, farmers’ markets and modern electronics. I love this country, and I’m incredibly fortunate that I’ve had the chance to be here for as long as I have! To all those considering a future in Modern Languages, I say, “Go for it”. A huge variety of opportunities and a lifetime of memories await you."

Mandy Neufeld

Smaller is bettter

"I have had a fantastic experience so far in the Department of Modern Languages. Every one of the faculty members that I have worked with has had inexhaustible patience for all my questions and concerns (of which I have had several!). With the help of a few professors I was able to design my own major called “Spanish and Linguistics”, so that I could take more of the classes that would prepare me for grad school in linguistics. Due to the small size of the department, there is a great opportunity for personal attention and work experience at the undergraduate level. For example, I have been able to take several independent studies as well as work as a research assistant on real linguistic projects, opportunities that would normally only be offered to grad students in a larger school.

"Lastly, this summer I traveled to Ecuador for six weeks to study Spanish, which was an experience of a lifetime! I would highly recommend studying linguistics and languages at the University of Lethbridge to anyone looking for a rewarding school experience."

Gabriel Olsen

French at work in Burkina Faso

"Although I only took French Immersion for kindergarten and a small portion of Grade One, I began to love it more and more, as I was required to take core French classes throughout my school career. My passion for learning French continued into University, as I chose it for my major with the intention of becoming a French teacher. Through the U of L, I was able to spend four amazing months in Québec City, where I studied French at Université Laval, and had the opportunity to experience Carnaval, Québec City`s spectacular winter version of Mardi Gras. My passion to go overseas then took me to Burkina Faso, West Africa, a French-speaking country, where I taught English. Whether it was bartering at the market, having tea with friends or going to church, I had to use the French language to commun icate. Without the French-speaking skills that I acquired at the U of L, I never would have been able to have these travel experiences. Learning another language can never be harmful; it is always helpful because it creates opportunities that otherwise could not have taken place. I encourage everyone to take a chance and learn a second language!"

Lisa Benner