Minor in Spanish

Students in the 40-course (120.0 credit hours) Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BSc), or Bachelor of Arts and Science (BASc) program may declare a minor in Spanish, to be completed in addition to their major.

The opportunity to declare a minor in Spanish is available for students in the BA, BSc, or BASc program , in addition to the following majors:

  • Single discipline majors, including language majors except French/Spanish,
  • General Major in the Humanities, provided Spanish is not one of the disciplinary streams,
  • General Major in the Sciences,
  • General Major in the Social Sciences,
  • Multidisciplinary majors.

Note:The minor in Spanish is not available to students in the Combined Degrees programs (i.e., BA/BEd, BA/BMgt, BSc/BEd, BSc/BMgt), Post-Diploma programs, or the BA, BSc, or BASc as second degree.

Note:Students choosing to complete the minor in Spanish with the BASc degree program may need to complete more than the minimum 40 courses for the BASc depending on the choice of majors.


For the minor in Spanish, students must complete a minimum of six courses (18.0 credit hours) in Spanish, including at least one Spanish course (3.0 credit hours) at the 3000 level.

  • No more than one Independent Study (Spanish 2990, Spanish 3990, Spanish 4990) or Applied Studies (Spanish 2980, Spanish 3980, Spanish 4980) course may be counted towards the minor.
  • Courses taken through the Spanish Visiting Student program may be counted towards this minor.

Note:Students may not double count courses required for the minor in Spanish in fulfilling requirements for their major. The six Spanish courses comprising the minor must be distinct from any such major requirements.

For students who complete the required six Spanish courses, the minor in Spanish will be acknowledged on the official transcript.