Textbooks - Fall 2018


Course Instructor Text(s)
CPSC 1000A/B Benkoczi
Make Sensors: A Hands-On Primer (Karvinen et al.) - OPTIONAL
Motors for Makers (Scarpino) - OPTIONAL
Arduino Starter Kit, product code RB-Ard-41; link: http://www.robotshop.com/ca/en/arduino-starter-kit.html (OPTIONAL)
CPSC 1620A/B Chali C++ Programming: From Problem Design... (Malik - 8th ed)
CPSC 1820A Gaur Discrete Mathematics & Its Applications (Rosen - 7th ed)
CPSC 2610A Li Ditigal Design (Mano - 6th ed)
CPSC 2620A Hossain Problem Solving with C++ (Savitch & Mock - 10th ed)
CPSC 2720A Anvik Software Engineering (Sommerville - 10th ed.); Head First Design Patterns (Ingram - OPTIONAL); Head First software Development (Pilone - OPTIONAL)
CPSC 3615A Osborn Computer Architecture (Parhami)
CPSC 3620A Gaur Introduction to Algorithms (Cormen et al. - 3rd ed)
CPSC 3630A Hossain Introduction to the Theory of Computation (Sipser - 3rd ed)
CPSC 3655A Li Operating Systems (Stallings - 9th ed)
CPSC 3780A Zhang Computer Networks (Tanenbaum - 5th)
CPSC 4110/5110/7110 Zhang Quantum Computing for Computer Scientists (Yalofsky & Mannucci)
CPSC 4210/5210/7210 Anvik No textbook ordered.
CPSC 4660A Osborn Fundamentals of Database Systems (Elmasri - 7th ed)
MATH 0500A/B Gomez-Riviere Precalculus (Stewart - 7th ed)
MATH 1010A TBA  
MATH 1410A/B Archibald Print on demand (link forthcoming)
MATH 1510A Connolly Coursepack: Draper, Connolly & Webb
MATH 1560A/B Fitzpatrick Print on demand
MATH 1565A Kaminski
Print on demand:
MATH 2000A/B Morris, D Online text (link available in August)
MATH 2560A Ng Print on demand through Bookstore
MATH 2570A TBA  
MATH 2580A Kharaghani Calculus (Stewart - 8th ed)  OPTIONAL
MATH 3200A Connolly Coursepack: Connolly
MATH 3400A Morris, J Textbooks will be loaned out by professor.
MATH 3500A Kadiri

Elementary Analysis: The Theory of Calculus (Ross - Springer edition)

NOTE:  Students can buy a hard copy, or buy or rent the ebook online.

MATH 3560A Akbary No textbook ordered
MATH 3600A Kaminski Differential Equations w/Boundary-Value Problems (Zill et al. - 9th ed)
MATH 3860A Morris, D
MATH 4405/5405/7405 Morris, D Online text (link available in August)
MATH 4460/7460 Ng No textbook ordered
MATH 4500A TBA  
STAT 1770A/B Sheriff REQUIRED:  Introduction to Statistical Investigations (Tintle et al.)

OPTIONAL:  Binder ready with WileyPLUS: 9781119431473 WileyPLUS by itself (can be purchased through the bookstore or WileyPLUS itself during the registration process): 978-1-119-37926-3

eBook: 9781119154303

Binder ready (without WileyPlus) would have to be purchased separately as Wiley seems unable to provide that option through the Bookstore.
STAT 2200A Adatia Elementary Survey Sampling (Scheaffer - 7th ed)
STAT 2780 Adatia Statistics: A First Course (Sanders et al. - 2nd ed)
STAT 3500 TBA  

Updated:  May 17, 2018