Optimization Research Group

The concept of optimization is often attributed to the science of determining the best solution to problems which are frequently models of physical reality. Optimization problems arise in diverse areas of society and life. Scheduling of surgeons, scheduling of radiotherapy machines are examples of optimization problems in Healthcare sector. In oil reservoir simulation, improved accuracy of estimated parameters is critical from economic and environmental perspectives. Other real-life examples of optimization problems include alignment of biological sequences for pathogen identification, assignment of frequencies in wireless cellular networks, and energy optimization in Oil Sands operations.

The Optimization Research Group (ORG) conducts research in optimization algorithms spanning applications in wireless networks, facility location, bioinformatics, parameter and sensitivity estimation problems in e.g., weather and atmospheric modelling, and high-performance computing. The current members of the Optimization Research Group are listed below. Optimization Seminar Series presentations.


Dr. Robert Benkoczi

Dr. Daya Gaur

Dr. Shahadat Hossain

MSc Students:

Nurgul Aimaiti

Md Khairul Bashar

Ben Burnett

Rajib Chandra Das

Ahmed Shoeb Al Hasan

Sharmin Islam

Tasnuba Jesmin

Reed Parsons

Peash Saha

PhD Students:

Wali Mohammad Abdullah

Since its inception, the ORG has supervised 14 MSc theses and over 10 undergraduate research assistants. The faculty members of the group together have been awarded close to CAD 700,000 as PIs and CAD 150,000 as Co-PIs (researchers from Canadian and international academic institutions and research labs) by granting agencies such as NSERC DG, NSERC CRD, MITACS. The members of the group together have published some 33 refereed journal articles, 4 chapters in refereed books and research monographs, 58 papers in refereed conference proceedings, and over 46 conference presentations most of which are by invitation. More than 20 of the refereed publications are joint with the students of ORG. The members of the group have strong and active international research collaborations; the group currently collaborates with over 15 eminent scientists and researchers based in more than 7 different countries. Members of the group have access to a 16-core Dell Server, ad hoc GPU cards, and an Xserve G5 Server.

The group is continuously looking for motivated students to work on research projects at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Updated: 2017 Sep 22