Information For New Faculty

FACULTY HANDBOOK - effective 1 July 2016


Instructors (formerly Academic Assistants)

Account on department Linux system, see Trent Takeyasu,, the department’s system administrator (C512)

Admin support – C526 – office management:  Barb Hodgson

Bridge, The – on university’s homepage, is accessible using your ULETH username and password. Employee information, tax forms, and course information/grade submission.

Calendar course descriptions ( – all topics listed in the descriptions must be covered in class.

Course coverage reports – at the end of the each semester, instructors are asked to prepare course coverage reports.  These include a simplified course outline, grade distribution, and general comments about the course.  This is something that is unique to this department and has been maintained for 40+ years.

Course evaluations – students are given the opportunity to complete a course evaluation of the course and instructor. They can be administered in-class or online; please consult with the admin support for your preference.

Course outlines – an agreement between the instructor and students, which can be used as a basis for grade appeals if altered without class consensus.  These are considered intellectual property and must be shared only by the original author.  See Calendar for further information.

Disabilities – students requiring special consideration for exams are handled through the Accommodated Learning Centre.  Contact admin support at

E-mail addresses – (1) ULETH account and (2) CS account (departmental). All e-mail sent to the ULETH account is forwarded automatically to the CS account.

Exams – University policies regarding exams can be found in the University Calendar

Ghost labs/tutorials – if course enrollment is at the max, ghost labs/tutorials may be activated if demand warrants. Majors are given preference when registering, but wait lists are compiled up until the add/drop deadline.

Grants – NSERC Discovery and/or TRI grants require Form 180 (Intent to Apply); deadline is August 1st. ULRF applications can be obtained from Research and Innovation Resources (

ID card – Go to IT located in TH218 (Turcotte Hall); take photo ID with you as proof. The lab proctor will check if you have been entered into the university's system. Once confirmed, your photo will be taken and a card will be prepared while you wait, or you will be given a return time.

Incompletes – students may request an extension to the course because of illness or other circumstance beyond their control.  The form is obtained from Arts & Science Academic Advising (SU060).

Library Card - General Services Desk at the entrance of the University Library.  You will be required to show your University ID card.

Make-up exams – instructors set their own policies but if a student has a documented reason, make-ups can be arranged. For final exams, students must complete a form to change the date/time they write.

Markers – class instructors generally mark exams, quizzes and assignments; however, larger classes may require marking assistance. Funds are included in the department budget to hire markers, who mark only assignments. Applications are available at the main office (C526). 

Photocopy code - obtained from Kim Skura, Administrative Assistant, Arts & Science Dean's Office, A572. Ordered by department Admin Support, Barb Hodgson

Prerequisite waiver checks – checks U of L courses, high school courses, not transferred credit courses. The department admin support can check these for you.  If a student does not have the necessary pre-requisite(s), contact Kim Skura in the Dean's Office

Supervising Graduate Students – you must apply to become a member of the School of Graduate Studies.

STP FILE - (Salary, Tenure, Promotion) - what your file should contain

Textbooks – ordered by the department admin support through the University Bookstore. Please provide title, author, publisher, edition, year, and ISBN. Deadline dates: FALL – first Friday in April; SPRING – last Friday in September; SUMMER – first Friday in March

Withdrawals – Students may withdraw at any point up to, and including, the last day of classes with no academic penalty.



UPDATED:  April 2018