Information For New Faculty

FACULTY HANDBOOK - effective 1 July 2016

INFORMATION FOR NEW FACULTY - updated August 28, 2017

Instructors (formerly Academic Assistants) – assist with labs and tutorials; teach courses as needed

Account on department Linux system, see Trent Takeyasu,, the department’s system administrator (C512)

Admin support – C526 – office management

Bridge, The – on university’s homepage, is accessible using your ULETH username and password. Employee information, tax forms, and course information/grade submission.

Calendar course descriptions ( – all topics listed in the descriptions must be covered in class.

Course coverage reports – at the end of the ach semester, instructors are asked to prepare course coverage reports, which include a simplified course outline, grade distribution, and general comments about the course.

Course evaluations – students are given the opportunity to complete a course evaluation of the course and instructor. They can be administered in-class or online; please consult with the admin support for your preference.

Course outlines – an agreement between the instructor and students, which can be used as a basis for grade appeals if altered without class consensus.  These are considered intellectual property and must be shared only by the original author.  See calendar for further information.

Disabilities – students requiring special consideration for exams are handled through the Accommodated Learning Centre.  Contact admin support at

E-mail addresses – (1) ULETH account and (2) CS account (departmental). All e-mail sent to the ULETH account is forwarded automatically to the CS account.

Exams – University policies regarding exams can be found in the Calendar

Ghost labs/tutorials – if course enrollment is at the max, ghost labs/tutorials may be activated if demand warrants. Majors are given preference when registering, but wait lists are compiled up until the add/drop deadline.

Grants – NSERC Discovery and/or TRI grants require Form 180 (Intent to Apply); deadline is August 1st. ULRF applications can be obtained from Research and Innovation Resources (

ID card – Go to IT located in TH218 (Turcotte Hall); take photo ID with you as proof. The lab proctor will check if you have been entered into the university's system. Once confirmed, your photo will be taken and a card will be prepared while you wait, or you will be given a return time.

Incompletes – students may request an extension to the course because of illness or other circumstance beyond their control.

Library Card - Obtain university ID card first. Bring the card and the contract letter of employment to the General Services Desk at the front of the University Library.

Make-up exams – instructors set their own policies but if a student has a documented reason, make-ups can be arranged. For final exams, students must complete a form to change the date/time they write, which is filed with the Dean’s Office.

Markers – instructors generally mark exams, quizzes and assignments; however, larger classes may require marking assistance. Funds are included in the department budget to hire markers, who mark only assignments. Applications are available at the main office (C526) or online. 

Photocopy code - obtained from Kim Skura, Administrative Assistant, Arts & Science Dean's Office, A572. Ordered by department Admin Support, Barb Hodgson

Prerequisite waiver checks – checks U of L courses, high school courses, not transferred credit courses. To check these, contact Kim Skura, 403-329-2240.

Supervising Graduate Students – you must apply to become a member of the School of Graduate Studies.

STP FILE - (Salary, Tenure, Promotion) - what your file should contain

Textbooks – ordered online by the admin support to the University Bookstore. Please provide title, author, publisher, edition, year, and ISBN. Deadline dates: FALL – first Friday in April; SPRING – last Friday in September; SUMMER – first Friday in March

Withdrawals – Students may withdraw at any point up to, and including, the last day of classes with no academic penalty.



UPDATED:  October 2017