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CPSC 1000AIntroduction to Computer ScienceRobert Benkoczi
CPSC 1000BIntroduction to Computer ScienceRobert Benkoczi
CPSC 1000L1CPSC 1000 Lab 1Tanvir Ahmed Fuad
CPSC 1000L2CPSC 1000 Lab 2Chudamani Aryal
CPSC 1000L3CPSC 1000 Lab 3Mainul Polash
CPSC 1000L4CPSC 1000 Lab 4Reed Parsons
CPSC 1000L5CPSC 1000 Lab 5Reed Parsons
CPSC 1000L6CPSC 1000 Lab 6Adam Lefaivre
CPSC 1620AFundamentals of Programming IWendy Osborn
CPSC 1620L1CPSC 1620 Lab 1Farhana Aklam
CPSC 1620L1CPSC 1620 Lab 1Wendy Osborn
CPSC 1620L2CPSC 1620 Lab 2Farhana Aklam
CPSC 1620L2CPSC 1620 Lab 2Wendy Osborn
CPSC 1620L3CPSC 1620 Lab 3Farhana Aklam
CPSC 1620L3CPSC 1620 Lab 3Wendy Osborn
CPSC 1620T01CPSC 1620 Tut 01Elozino Ofualagba Egonmwan
CPSC 1620T01CPSC 1620 Tut 01Wendy Osborn
CPSC 1620T02CPSC 1620 Tut 02Elozino Ofualagba Egonmwan
CPSC 1620T02CPSC 1620 Tut 02Wendy Osborn
CPSC 1820ADiscrete StructuresHoward Cheng
CPSC 1820T01CPSC 1820 Tut 01Nicole Wilson
CPSC 1820T02CPSC 1820 Tut 02Nicole Wilson
CPSC 1820T03CPSC 1820 Tut 03Nicole Wilson
CPSC 1820T04CPSC 1820 Tut 04Nicole Wilson
CPSC 2610AIntroduction to Digital SystemsHua Li
CPSC 2610L1CPSC 2610 Lab 1Nicole Wilson
CPSC 2610L2CPSC 2610 Lab 2Nicole Wilson
CPSC 2620AFundamentals of Programming IIShahadat Hossain
CPSC 2620L1CPSC 2620 Lab 1Arie Bomhof
CPSC 2620L2CPSC 2620 Lab 2Arie Bomhof
CPSC 2620L3CPSC 2620 Lab 3Arie Bomhof
CPSC 2620L4CPSC 2620 Lab 4Arie Bomhof
CPSC 2620T01CPSC 2620 Tut 01Arie Bomhof
CPSC 2620T02CPSC 2620 Tut 02Arie Bomhof
CPSC 2720APractical Software DevelopmentJohn Anvik
CPSC 2720L1CPSC 2720 Lab 1Md Khairul Bashar
CPSC 2720L2CPSC 2720 Lab 2Rajib Das
CPSC 3615AComputer ArchitectureHua Li
CPSC 3620AData Structures and AlgorithmsDaya Gaur
CPSC 3660AIntroduction to Database SystemsJohn Zhang
CPSC 3720AIntroduction to Software EngineeringJohn Anvik
CPSC 3740AProgramming LanguagesJohn Zhang
CPSC 3750AArtificial IntelligenceYllias Chali
CPSC 3770AHuman-Computer InteractionWendy Osborn
CPSC 3982AInternationalization and Localization for SoftwareJohn Anvik
CPSC 3982AInternationalization and Localization for SoftwareStacey Gaudette - Sharp
CPSC 4210AHigh-performance and Parallel ComputingShahadat Hossain
CPSC 4310AStatistical Methods and Machine LearningYllias Chali
CPSC 4625ADesign and Analysis of Advanced AlgorithmsDaya Gaur
CPSC 4981AComputer Vision Grading Methods in AgricultureHoward Cheng
CPSC 4981AComputer Vision Grading Methods in AgricultureStacey Gaudette - Sharp
CPSC 5210AHigh-performance and Parallel ComputingShahadat Hossain
CPSC 5310AStatistical Methods and Machine LearningYllias Chali
CPSC 5625ADesign and Analysis of Advanced AlgorithmsDaya Gaur
CPSC 7210AHigh-performance and Parallel ComputingShahadat Hossain
CPSC 7310AStatistical Methods and Machine LearningYllias Chali
CPSC 7625ADesign and Analysis of Advanced AlgorithmsDaya Gaur
MATH 0500AEssential MathematicsEsteban Gomez-Riviere
MATH 0500BEssential MathematicsEsteban Gomez-Riviere
MATH 0500T01MATH 0500 Tut 01 (For A)Esteban Gomez-Riviere
MATH 0500T02MATH 0500 Tut 02 (For B)Esteban Gomez-Riviere
MATH 0520AEssential MathematicsEsteban Gomez-Riviere
MATH 0520T01MATH 0520 Tut 01Esteban Gomez-Riviere
MATH 1410AElementary Linear AlgebraJana Archibald
MATH 1410BElementary Linear AlgebraJana Archibald
MATH 1410T01MATH 1410 Tut 01Sean Fitzpatrick
MATH 1410T02MATH 1410 Tut 02Sean Fitzpatrick
MATH 1410T03MATH 1410 Tut 03Sean Fitzpatrick
MATH 1410T04MATH 1410 Tut 04Sean Fitzpatrick
MATH 1410T05MATH 1410 Tut 05Sean Fitzpatrick
MATH 1410T06MATH 1410 Tut 06Sean Fitzpatrick
MATH 1410T07MATH 1410 Tut 07 (For Y)Mohammed Aiffa
MATH 1410YElementary Linear AlgebraMohammed Aiffa
MATH 1510T01MATH 1510 Tut 01Gordana Dmitrasinovic-Vidovic
MATH 1510YCalculus for Management and Social SciencesGordana Dmitrasinovic-Vidovic
MATH 1560ACalculus IDennis Connolly
MATH 1560T01MATH 1560 Tut 01Sean Fitzpatrick
MATH 1560T02MATH 1560 Tut 02Sean Fitzpatrick
MATH 1560T03MATH 1560 Tut 03Sean Fitzpatrick
MATH 2000AMathematical ConceptsAndrew Fiori
MATH 2000BMathematical ConceptsAndrew Fiori
MATH 2000T01MATH 2000 Tut 01Sean Legge
MATH 2000T02MATH 2000 Tut 02Sean Legge
MATH 2000T03MATH 2000 Tut 03Sean Legge
MATH 2560ACalculus IIDennis Connolly
MATH 2560T01MATH 2560 Tut 01Arie Bomhof
MATH 2560T02MATH 2560 Tut 02Arie Bomhof
MATH 2560T03MATH 2560 Tut 03Arie Bomhof
MATH 2565AAccelerated Calculus IIDavid Kaminski
MATH 2565T01MATH 2565 Tut 01Sean Fitzpatrick
MATH 2565T02MATH 2565 Tut 02Sean Fitzpatrick
MATH 2570ACalculus IIIPeng-Jie Wong
MATH 2580ACalculus IVDavid Kaminski
MATH 3410ALinear AlgebraAndrew Fiori
MATH 3461AElementary Number TheoryHabiba Kadiri
MATH 3500AAnalysis IMuhammad Khan
MATH 3650ADifferential Equations IIMuhammad Khan
MATH 4400AField TheoryHabiba Kadiri
MATH 4505AReal AnalysisAmir Akbary-Majdabadno
MATH 5505AReal AnalysisAmir Akbary-Majdabadno
MATH 7505AReal AnalysisAmir Akbary-Majdabadno
STAT 1770AIntroduction to Probability and StatisticsSean Legge
STAT 1770BIntroduction to Probability and StatisticsSean Legge
STAT 1770T01STAT 1770 Tut 01Brandon Fuller
STAT 1770T02STAT 1770 Tut 02Brandon Fuller
STAT 1770T03STAT 1770 Tut 03Kirsty Chalker
STAT 1770T04STAT 1770 Tut 04Kirsty Chalker
STAT 1770T05STAT 1770 Tut 05Arie Bomhof
STAT 1770T06STAT 1770 Tut 06Arie Bomhof
STAT 1770T07STAT 1770 Tut 07Arie Bomhof
STAT 1770T08STAT 1770 Tut 08Sara Sasani
STAT 1770T09STAT 1770 Tut 09Sara Sasani
STAT 1770T10STAT 1770 Tut 10 (For Y)Ian Lovatt
STAT 1770T11STAT 1770 Tut 11 (For YA)David Kemppainen
STAT 1770YIntroduction to Probability and StatisticsIan Lovatt
STAT 1770YAIntroduction to Probability and StatisticsDavid Kemppainen
STAT 2780AStatistical InferenceAminmohamed Adatia
STAT 2780T01STAT 2780 Tut 01Forrest Francis
STAT 2780T02STAT 2780 Tut 02Forrest Francis
STAT 2780T03STAT 2780 Tut 03Forrest Francis
STAT 3510AMathematical StatisticsAminmohamed Adatia
STAT 3700ADesign and Analysis of ExperimentsJohn Sheriff
STAT 3700L1STAT 3700 Lab 1John Sheriff