Request for use of the Computational Cluster

This webform is used to submit a request for time on the computational cluster. Users submitting to this form must have both prior approval from the manager to use the cluster and a required access code. All SpinEvolution input files should be checked on your own PC before submission to ensure that they run properly. If the input files do not run properly the system will automatically email the applicant with a text file containing the spinevolution errors. A copy of successful submission will be emailed to the applicant, the Principal Investigator, and the facility manager.

The applicant should submit a zip file that contains the SpinEvolution input file/files, as well as any other files required to make the simulations run. For example, The hccn example provided with spinevolution contains the hccn, hccn.cor, redor1.pp, and redor2.pp files and all of these would need to be in the zip file. Please ensure that your input file/files have a .input extension.
Remember that a file that would take 24 hours on your personal computer will run in approximately 15 minutes on the cluster. If you wish to run multiple input files for one project/system/experiment you can include all of the input files in one zip file. Putting several input files that are related in one zip file ensures that you only need to fill out the web-form once. In addition, doing so ensures that your PI and the manager receive only one email when the entire zip file contents are completed.
WARNING: submitting 100 different input files, that would take 24 hours each on your pc, as 100 individual submissions WILL result in the PI and facility manager receiving 100 emails in one day!!! This will most likely anger both of them!!!

This should be a ONE SENTENCE description of the input files you are running with this submission.

This text area should include a detailed description of your submission including, but not limited to, the project/system/experiment you are simulating and any of the parameters that are being varied in the simulations.
This description has no limit so so there is no such thing as too much detail!