Booking Information

Instrument Schedules

The instrument schedule for the 4.7T MRI, EPR, 500 MHz, and future 700 MHz instrument can be viewed here.

300 MHz Bruker Avance Spectrometer

To book time on the 300 MHz spectrometer users must log into the faces login system using the group name of ulethnmr.Only users who have been trained and approved by the facility manager will be given login credentials. Users should ensure that they are following the facilities policies on booking of the spectrometer during peak and non-peak hours. The most recent version of the 300 MHz policies are available by clicking here: 300MHz Policy-2011-10-03.pdf.

500 MHz Varian Unity Inova Spectrometer

To book time on the 500 MHz Spectrometer users can view the schedule for the instrument and request the next available time slot that is convenient for them. This request should be submitted electronically via the webform submission system. All fields of the webform must be filled out completely in order for the request to be considered. Submissions will be considered on a case by case basis by the facility manager and there is no guarantee that all requests for time will be met. Examples of an acceptable submission form can be found under the information for students section of the facility webpage. All users of the facility must follow the most recent version of the 500 MHz facility policies, which can be found by clicking here: 500MHz Policy-2012-1-24.pdf

Bruker EMX Plus EPR Spectrometer

Users should contact the manager directly to book the EPR Spectrometer

168 Core Computational Cluster

To request use of the cluster for SpinEvolution simulations please contact the facility manager. Simulations are submitted to the cluster via a webform submission system. The ability to Submit simulations to the cluster requires prior approval and a PI specific access code.