Liberal Education 1000

Not Sure What to Take at University? Start with Liberal Education 1000.

Start your university education off right with Liberal Education 1000. This is a course that distills and concentrates the undergraduate university experience: think of it as "University 101"! It is a slice of the whole university in a single course, and a chance to develop all the skills you will need to do well at university.

THEME: The theme of the course is knowledge. What is knowledge? How can we know something? How reliable is our knowledge? What is the difference between your knowledge and my knowledge, between knowledge and belief? Is knowledge the same in the sciences, social sciences, humanities, and the arts? Class lectures are given by 3 different professors, who will introduce a variety of topics from different disciplines, as well as different scholarly forms and methods of knowing in their disciplines. Knowledge is a fundamental concept that underlies most of what you will do and learn at University, and unifies all of the fields of study and research on campus. It is likewise fundamental to both good citizenship and to employment in the knowledge economy.

SKILLS: Small group tutorials allow you to develop and practice your own critical thinking and evaluation skills. Labs help you to learn and practice general skills in reading, writing and information literacy that are used across all disciplines, and which will help you in all your university courses.