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KNES 10001KNES 1000 Lab 1Sophia Verzosa
KNES 10002KNES 1000 Lab 2Sophia Verzosa
KNES 10003KNES 1000 Lab 3Sophia Verzosa
KNES 10004KNES 1000 Lab 4Sophia Verzosa
KNES 10005KNES 1000 Lab 5Sophia Verzosa
KNES 1000AWellness and Physical ActivityIlsa Wong
KNES 11611KNES 1161 Lab 1Natalie de Bruin Nutley
KNES 11612KNES 1161 Lab 2Natalie de Bruin Nutley
KNES 1161AHuman Anatomy and Physiology II/HLSC 1161Stephane Simard
KNES 2110ABiophysical PerspectivesStephane Simard
KNES 2130AHumanities PerspectivesCarly Adams
KNES 2140APsychological PerspectivesPaige Pope
KNES 2150ASociological PerspectivesSean Brayton
KNES 2160AManagement PerspectivesIan Bennett
KNES 2200AResearch MethodologiesGongbing Shan
KNES 26001KNES 2600 Lab 1Natalie de Bruin Nutley
KNES 26002KNES 2600 Lab 2Natalie de Bruin Nutley
KNES 26003KNES 2600 Lab 3Natalie de Bruin Nutley
KNES 2600AFunctional Human AnatomyNatalie de Bruin Nutley
KNES 3100ASocial Constructions of the BodySean Brayton
KNES 3200AMovement DisordersClaudia Gonzalez
KNES 3300ALeadership Skills DevelopmentIlsa Wong
KNES 36101KNES 3610 Lab 1Taura Willoughby
KNES 36102KNES 3610 Lab 2Taura Willoughby
KNES 36103KNES 3610 Lab 3Taura Willoughby
KNES 3610AExercise PhysiologyMarc Bomhof
KNES 3630AGrowth, Development and AgingIlsa Wong
KNES 36501KNES 3650 Lab 1Jon Doan
KNES 36502KNES 3650 Lab 2Jon Doan
KNES 3650ABiomechanicsJon Doan
KNES 3680ASport PsychologyJochen Bocksnick
KNES 36901KNES 3690 Lab 1Natalie de Bruin Nutley
KNES 36902KNES 3690 Lab 2Natalie de Bruin Nutley
KNES 3690AMotor ControlNatalie de Bruin Nutley
KNES 3740APhilosophy of Physical ActivityRobert Kossuth
KNES 3780AExercise PsychologyPaige Pope
KNES 38501KNES 3850 Lab 1Janee Loewen
KNES 3850NTherapeutic Exercise Foundations and TechniquesJanee Loewen
KNES 4400ACanadian Sport HistoryRobert Kossuth
KNES 4500AAging and Physical ActivityJochen Bocksnick
KNES 46101KNES 4610 Lab 1Taura Willoughby
KNES 4610AFitness and Lifestyle AssessmentTaura Willoughby
KNES 4850AAdvanced NutritionMarc Bomhof
KNES 4900NInterdisciplinary Research DialoguesJochen Bocksnick
KNES 4900NInterdisciplinary Research DialoguesGongbing Shan
KNES 5200AMovement DisordersClaudia Gonzalez
KNES 5901NInterdisciplinary Research Dialogues IJochen Bocksnick
KNES 5901NInterdisciplinary Research Dialogues IGongbing Shan
KNES 5902NInterdisciplinary Research Dialogues IIJochen Bocksnick
KNES 5902NInterdisciplinary Research Dialogues IIGongbing Shan
KNES 5903NInterdisciplinary Research Dialogues IIIJochen Bocksnick
KNES 5903NInterdisciplinary Research Dialogues IIIGongbing Shan
KNES 5904NInterdisciplinary Research Dialogues IVJochen Bocksnick
KNES 5904NInterdisciplinary Research Dialogues IVGongbing Shan
PHAC 2130AEducational DanceLen Barnes
PHAC 2135AEducational GymnasticsScott Whiteside
PHAC 30201PHAC 3200 Lab 1 (For A)Fred Trinh
PHAC 30202PHAC 3020 Lab 2 (For B)Fred Trinh
PHAC 3020AMovement Literacy: Upper Body ActionsFred Trinh
PHAC 3020BMovement Literacy: Upper Body ActionsFred Trinh
PHAC 30301PHAC 3030 Lab 1 (For A)Sophia Verzosa
PHAC 30302PHAC 3030 Lab 2 (For B)Ian Bennett
PHAC 3030AMovement Literacy: Lower Body ActionsSophia Verzosa
PHAC 3030BMovement Literacy: Lower Body ActionsIan Bennett
PHAC 30401PHAC 3040 Lab 1 (For A)Stephane Simard
PHAC 30402PHAC 3040 Lab 2 (For B)Paula McDonald
PHAC 3040AResistance Training for Health and PerformanceStephane Simard
PHAC 3040BResistance Training for Health and PerformancePaula McDonald
PHAC 30501PHAC 3050 Lab 1Heidi Shaw
PHAC 3050AConditioning for Cardiovascular Health and PerformanceHeidi Shaw
PHAC 30601PHAC 3060 Lab 1Erin Bennett
PHAC 3060AAdapting Physical ActivityErin Bennett
PHAC 30701PHAC 3070 Lab 1 (For A)Fred Trinh
PHAC 30702PHAC 3070 Lab 2 (For B)Fred Trinh
PHAC 3070AStructure and Strategy of GamesFred Trinh
PHAC 3070BStructure and Strategy of GamesFred Trinh