The Department of Kinesiology & Physical Education

The Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education values and promotes the study of human movement from a multidisciplinary perspective.

The B.A. program offers students the opportunity to investigate psychological, social, cultural, economic, and political influences that shape and limit opportunities for activity across the lifespan as well as studying the tremendous potential of sport and physical activity to bring pleasure and meaning to individuals and community.

The B.Sc.program offer students the opportunity to investigate the anatomical, biomechanical, neurological and physiological characteristics that underlie human movement across the spectrum from basic tasks, such as reaching and walking, to elite sport performance.

All Kinesiology and Physical Education students have access to the 1st Choice Centre (with its indoor track, pool, climbing wall, and fitness centre), as well as state-of-the-art laboratories in Active Healthy Aging, Balance Research, Biomechanics, Brain in Action, Engineering and Human Performance, Exercise Nutrition and Health Research, Group Dynamics in Sport & Exercise Psychology, and Sociocultural Research.