History Graduate Courses

The first year of the graduate degree in History consists of coursework, usually a mix of Independent Studies, senior undergraduate courses offered at the graduate level, and half-semester modules in the CSPT program. To see courses offered over prior semesters please click http://www.uleth.ca/artsci/history/course-listing-prior-semesters-grad

All graduate students in History also take the core seminar:

HISTORY 5000 (Historiography)

Credit hours: 3.00
Contact hours per week: 3-0-0

The history of thinking and writing about the past. Topics will include some of the key texts, authors, concepts, theories, methods, and debates in the development of the historical discipline.

Prerequisite(s): Admission to the M.A. program
Equivalent: History 5850 (Historiography and Historical Methods) (prior to 2017/2018)