Student Attendees


Many of the WDCAG meeting attendees have traditionally been students, and we think this year’s conference will again be an ideal venue for undergraduate and graduate students to not only attend but also present papers or posters of their research projects.


Is this your first time attending a conference or giving a conference presentation? Or, have you attended only a few conferences in the past? We have prepared a helpful guide for students that provides valuable information for student attendees. This guide was originally prepared by a group of SFU students specifically for other students, but has since changed slightly, first for the WDCAG2012 meeting and now for the WDCAG2013 meeting. It covers issues such as: differences between conferences; conference funding; differences between poster and paper presentations; and conference dos and don’ts. This guide is a "don’t miss" for early career conference attendees! You can download it by clicking here.


We now also have a Facebook group for the WDCAG2013 meeting.

This Facebook group will be for casual exchange about the meeting and conference: all official announcements will be through the conference website.