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ARKY 1000AIntroduction to ArchaeologyKevin McGeough
ARKY 3400AAncient MesopotamiaKevin McGeough
GEOG 1000AIntroduction to Physical GeographyPhilip Bonnaventure
GEOG 1000BIntroduction to Physical GeographyStefan Kienzle
GEOG 1200AIntroduction to Human GeographyTom Johnston
GEOG 2000AWorld Regional GeographyIan MacLachlan
GEOG 20301GEOG 2030 Lab 1Ariel Pollard-Belsheim
GEOG 20302GEOG 2030 Lab 2Ariel Pollard-Belsheim
GEOG 2030AGeomorphologyRene Barendregt
GEOG 2090ABiogeographyDan Johnson
GEOG 2210ASpatial Organization of Economic ActivityWei Xu
GEOG 23001GEOG 2300 Lab 1James Byrne
GEOG 23002GEOG 2300 Lab 2James Byrne
GEOG 23003GEOG 2300 Lab 3James Byrne
GEOG 2300NWeather and ClimateJames Byrne
GEOG 2535NIntroduction to PlanningJeffrey Greene
GEOG 27001GEOG 2700 Lab 1Ariel Pollard-Belsheim
GEOG 27002GEOG 2700 Lab 2Ariel Pollard-Belsheim
GEOG 2700AGeographical Data and AnalysisDan Johnson
GEOG 27351GEOG 2735 Lab 1Ravi Virk
GEOG 27352GEOG 2735 Lab 2Ravi Virk
GEOG 27353GEOG 2735 Lab 3Ravi Virk
GEOG 2735AIntroduction to Geographical Information ScienceCraig Coburn
GEOG 30801GEOG 3080 Lab 1Ravi Virk
GEOG 3080ASoilsRavi Virk
GEOG 3210AAgricultural GeographyTom Johnston
GEOG 3245AUrbanization in Developing CountriesWei Xu
GEOG 3400AHydrology ILaura Chasmer
GEOG 37101GEOG 3710 Lab 1Hester Jiskoot
GEOG 3710AField Techniques in the Earth SciencesHester Jiskoot
GEOG 3720ARemote SensingCraig Coburn
GEOG 3780AField Research in GeographyTom Johnston
GEOG 4030AThe Future of Snow and IceHester Jiskoot
GEOG 4030BClimate Change: Science, Impacts, SolutionsJames Byrne
GEOG 4710ARemote Sensing Field TechniquesDerek Peddle
GEOG 47401GEOG 4740 Lab 1Marcus Dostie
GEOG 47402GEOG 4740 Lab 2Marcus Dostie
GEOG 4740AAdvanced Geographical Information SystemsStefan Kienzle
GEOG 5030AClimate Change:Sci, Imp.,Sol.James Byrne
GEOG 57401GEOG 5740 Lab 1Marcus Dostie
GEOG 5740AAdvanced Geographical Information SystemsStefan Kienzle
GEOG 7030AClimate Change:Sci, Imp.,Sol.James Byrne
GEOL 20601GEOL 2060 Lab 1Ariel Pollard-Belsheim
GEOL 2060APhysical GeologyRene Barendregt