FNMI Contacts

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Dhillon School of Business: Rhonda Crow, FNG Coordinator
403-329-2369, M-2061
First Nations' Transition Program Coordinator: Michelle Hogue
403-329-2088, A-448

First Nations' Transition Program Learning Facilitator

Nadine Eagle Child, Learning Facilitator
403-394-3990, A-452
FNMI Librarian: Andrea Glover
403-329-2390, L-1156
Health Sciences -SPANS: Marilyn Lamb, Learning Facilitator
403-332-4579, MH3078
SS FNMI Student Services- FNMI Director Roy Pogorzelski
403-317-2812, PC100B
FNMI Student Services, Admin Support Joanna Russell
(403) 394-3902, PC100
NAS & FNTP Administrative Support II

Jessica Goodrider

(403)329-2635, A 414 (AM)