Thomas Arcadius Fox (2011)

Gold Medal in the Sciences 2011 winner

"In early 2007, like most students entering University for the first time, I had trouble figuring out what I wanted to study. For reasons I can no longer remember, I chose somewhere between high school and university that I was going to try my luck in Environmental Sciences at the University of Lethbridge. Now that I’ve graduated, I don’t think I could have made a better decision. The program at the U of L is interdisciplinary in nature, comprising mostly of Biology and Geography, but also of a number of elective courses. I enjoyed each and every class I took, and I cannot call to mind a single professor who did not inspire, challenge, and interest me.

Since it's a somewhat smaller university, the profs at the U of L also make time for their undergraduate students, and I got to know a number of them on a personal basis by the time I graduated. I would highly recommend the University of Lethbridge’s Environmental program to any prospective student who is interested in gaining a holistic understanding of modern environmental issues (with a bonus of great job prospects!). I am now pursuing a Masters degree in the department of Geography at McGill University, and often think fondly of my time in the Environmental Science program at the U of L."