Cam Davis (2001)

I obtained a diploma in Renewable Resource Management and a certificate in Fish and Wildlife Technologies from Lethbridge Community College in 1994. I proceeded to work in the fisheries resources field for approximately 6 years. I then enrolled at the University of Lethbridge in 2000 and graduated with my BSc (Envs) in 2001.

I am currently employed with Golder Associates Ltd. in Calgary as a fisheries technician. My primary responsibilities include the organization and execution of field sampling and monitoring programs and to a lesser degree, data analysis and report writing. Representative clients include oil & gas sectors, forestry, mining, energy & utilities and government agencies.

My combined University and College training was very beneficial to me. Not only did I obtain a BSc, but the experience also made me take a much broader view of scientific enquiry. All of my prior work experience was primarily in the fisheries resource field. Thus, my University training allowed me to look at broader and more conceptual aspects of science. In addition, I developed my report writing and time-management skills.