Summer Sessions 2017

The following courses will be offered through the English Department during Summer Session I and II/III. Please note that course descriptions and methods of evaluation are tentative. If additional course information is required, please contact the instructor. For timetable information, such as time or room numbers, please see the Registrar's Office or visit the Bridge. For more information on books, please see the University Bookstore.

ENGL2700A Title: Fantasy and the Epic Tradition
Instructor: Jay Gamble (TR 9:00 - 11:50)
Note: this course is offered during SSI 2017

Required Textbook(s):
Changing Planes
Etched City

ENGL2700B Title:Portrayals of Madness in Women's Writing
Instructor: Wendy Faith (MW 13:00 - 15:50)
Note:  this course is offered during SSII/III 2017

Required Textbook(s):
I Never Promised You A Rose Garden
Nervous Conditions
Bell Jar
ENGL2700A Course Pack: brief selections by E.P.W. Packard, Nellie Bly, Emily Dickinson, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Virginia Woolf, Doris Lessing and Janet Frame, among others
Doc Wendy's Grammatical Mishaps and Their Remedies: First Aid for First Year