Fall 2016

The following courses will be offered through the English Department in the Fall 2016 semester. Please note that course descriptions and methods of evaluation are tentative. If additional course information is required, please contact the instructor. For timetable information, such as time or room numbers, please see the Registrar's Office or visit the Bridge. For more information on books, please see the University Bookstore.

2000 level, 3000 level, 4000 level


Course Title: Introduction to Language and Literature
Instructor: Adam Carter (ENGL1900A)
Instructor: Wendy Faith (ENGL1900B/ENGL1900C)
Instructor: Maureen Hawkins (ENGL1900D)
Instructor: Goldie Morgentaler (ENGL1900E)
Instructor: Jay Gamble (ENGL1900F/ENGL1900G)
Instructor: Nick Morwood (ENGL1900I)

Description: As an introduction to language and literature, this course is loosely based on the theme of identity, as it appears in three genres: literary non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. We will investigate how language and narrative reflect, represent and perhaps construct identity in a wide variety of literature, both traditional and non-traditional.

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Requirements for the course include:

  • a series of examinations and/or a final examination totalling between 25 and 50% of the final grade
  • at least 50% of the final grade based on two or more writing assignments totalling at least 2000 words, including at least one formal essay (minimum 1000 words)
ENGL2000A Course Title: Survey of Canadian Literature
Instructor: Adam Carter

Required Textbook(s):
Anthology of Canadian Literature in English (Author: Bennett)
Generals Die In Bed (Author: Harrison)

ENGL2300A Course Title: Prose Fiction
Instructor: Esther de Bruijn

Required Textbook(s):
Heart of Darkness (Author: Conrad)
Things Fall Apart (Author: Achebe)
If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things (Author: McGregor)

ENGL2400A Course Title: Survey of English Literature I
Instructor: Heather Ladd

Required Textbook(s):
Broadview Anthology of British Literature - Concise Vol. A (Author: Black)
History of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia (Author: Johnson)

ENGL2550A Course Title: Survey of American Literature II
Instructor: Nick Morwood

Required Textbook(s):
As I Lay Dying (Author: Faulkner)
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (Author: Albee)
The Road (Author: McCarthy)
A Mercy (Author: Morrison)

ENGL2700A Course Title: Experimental Poetry
Instructor: Jay Gamble

Required Textbook(s):
Poems for the Millennium - Vol. Two (Author: Rothenberg)
Tender Buttons (Author: Stein)
Please, No More Poetry: The Poetry of derek beaulieu (Author: Beaulieu)
Seven American Deaths and Disasters (Author: Goldsmith)

ENGL2800A Course Title: Rhetoric
Instructor: Wendy Faith

Description: Rhetoric concerns the persuasive use of language - that is, the manipulation of content, message, or "truth". But is rhetoric, then, a "powerful instrument of error and deceit," as John Locke claimed, or a "symbolic means of inducing cooperation," as Kenneth Burke argued? In English 2800, we will explore this question while tracing rhetoric's history: from its controversial emergence in antiguity, to its denigration by logical positivists, to its powerful resurgence in contemporary politics and advertising. In-class and take-home assignments are designed to give students practice in identifying and employing a variety of rhetorical tropes and strategies.

No Required Textbook(s)

ENGL3002A Course Title: Contemporary Canadian Drama
Instructor: Maureen Hawkins

Required Textbook(s):
Modern Canadian Plays - Vol. 1 (Author: Wasserman)
Modern Canadian Plays - Vol. 2 (Author: Wasserman)


Course Title: Medieval Literature
Instructor: Daniel O'Donnell

Description: This course looks at primarily non-Chaucerian works in Middle English, both plays and poetry (though we will study a few Chaucerian pieces for context). Some instruction in language will be given, but our work will mostly involve literary analysis.

Required Textbook(s):
Poems of the Pearl Manuscript (Author: Andrew)
The Paston Letters: A Selection in Modern Spelling (Author: Davis)
Everyman & Medieval Miracle Plays (Author: Cawley)
Middle English Lyrics (Author: Luria)
Medieval Writers and Their Work: Middle English Literature 1100 - 1500 (Author: Burrow)
Revelations of Divine Love (Author: Julian of Norwich)


Course Title: 17th Century Literature
Instructor: Ian McAdam

Required Textbook(s):
Broadview Anthology of Seventeenth-Century Verse and Prose (Author: Rudrum)


Course Title: Contemporary Literature
Instructor: Nick Morwood

Description: An examination of interesting and innovative novelists, poets and playwrights writing from the 1970s to the present on a range of contemporary issues and ideas.

Required Textbook(s):
Vampires in the Lemon Grove (Author: Russell)
House of Leaves (Author: Danielewski)
Plague of Doves (Author: Erdrich)
The Enchantress of Florence (Author: Rushdie)


Course Title: Post-Colonial Literature
Instructor: Esther de Bruijn

Description: The post-colonial is intrinsically bound up with history. The prefix post, in its most common understanding, refers to something that comes after - in this case, after colonialism. Whether colonialism is entirely over; however, remains a question of great debate. The post of postcolonial, then, refers less to an after than an aftermath, an ongoing grappling in the present with the traumatic experience of historical colonialism and its economic, cultural and political violence. The post signals something more hopeful than this as well; however, it looks forward to what lies beyond colonialism. Accordingly, postcolonial texts anticipate the future by looking back into history and "writing back" to colonial texts, by resisting false representations and re-inventing cultural identity.

Required Textbook(s):
Traplines (Author: Robinson)
House of Hunger (Author: Marechera)
Foe (Author: Coetzee)
The White Tiger (Author: Adiga)

ENGL4400A Course Title: Scribblers and Hacks: Eighteenth Century Authorship
Instructor: Heather Ladd

Required Textbook(s):
Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentlemen (Author: Sterne)
The Age of Authors: An Anthology of Eighteenth-Century Print Culture (Author: Keen)

ENGL4400B Course Title: Late 19th Century American Novel
Instructor: Goldie Morgentaler

Required Textbook(s):
Awakening & Selected Stories (Author: Chopin)
Sister Carrie (Author: Dreiser)
Washington Square (Author: James)
Scarlet Letter (Author: Hawthorne)
Billy Budd & Other Tales (Author: Melville)
House of Mirth (Author: Wharton

ENGL4600A Course Title: Beatrix Potter and E. Nesbit
Instructor: Elizabeth Galway

Required Textbook(s):
Beatrix Potter - The Complete Tales - Reissued 2006 (Author: Potter)
Story of the Treasure Seekers (Author: Nesbit)
Five Children & IT (Author: Nesbit)
The Phoenix and The Carpet (Author: Nesbit)
Railway Children (Author: Nesbit)