Below is a course list for the Spring semester of 2016.

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ENGL 1900AIntroduction to Language and LiteratureIan McAdam
ENGL 1900BIntroduction to Language and LiteratureJay Gamble
ENGL 1900CIntroduction to Language and LiteratureAdam Carter
ENGL 1900DIntroduction to Language and LiteratureHeather Ladd
ENGL 1900EIntroduction to Language and LiteratureWendy Faith
ENGL 1900FIntroduction to Language and LiteratureWendy Faith
ENGL 1900GIntroduction to Language and LiteratureEsther de Bruijn
ENGL 1900HIntroduction to Language and LiteratureJay Gamble
ENGL 1900XIntroduction to Language and LiteratureChristopher Grignard
ENGL 2400ASurvey of English Literature IIan McAdam
ENGL 2550ASurvey of American Literature IINick Morwood
ENGL 2610ASurvey of Children's LiteratureElizabeth Galway
ENGL 2720AWomen in DramaMaureen Hawkins
ENGL 2720BAmerican Slave NarrativeWendy Faith
ENGL 3010ALiterary TheoryAdam Carter
ENGL 3630AModern NovelNick Morwood
ENGL 3660AContemporary DramaMaureen Hawkins
ENGL 3700A18th-Century Comedy and its OriginsHeather Ladd
ENGL 3860APost-Colonial LiteratureEsther de Bruijn
ENGL 4400BThe Child in 19th-Century LiteratureElizabeth Galway
ENGL 4600ANovels of Jane AustenHeather Ladd