Below is a course list for the Spring semester of 2016.

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ENGL 1900AIntroduction to Language and LiteratureJay Gamble
ENGL 1900BIntroduction to Language and LiteratureJay Gamble
ENGL 1900CIntroduction to Language and LiteratureNick Morwood
ENGL 1900DIntroduction to Language and LiteratureWendy Faith
ENGL 1900EIntroduction to Language and LiteratureMaureen Hawkins
ENGL 1900FIntroduction to Language and LiteratureWendy Faith
ENGL 1900GIntroduction to Language and LiteratureGretchen Scott
ENGL 2200ADramaChristopher Grignard
ENGL 2450ASurvey of English Literature IIAdam Carter
ENGL 2500ASurvey of American Literature IGoldie Morgentaler
ENGL 2610ASurvey of Children's LiteratureElizabeth Galway
ENGL 2700ASurvey of World LiteratureEsther de Bruijn
ENGL 3201AElizabethan and Jacobean DramaIan McAdam
ENGL 3302A19th-Century British NovelGoldie Morgentaler
ENGL 3350ARomanticismAdam Carter
ENGL 3601AChaucerDan O'Donnell
ENGL 3602AShakespeareIan McAdam
ENGL 3610AModernismWendy Faith
ENGL 3700APostmodernismNick Morwood
ENGL 4400AAfro-Gothic LiteratureEsther de Bruijn
ENGL 4400NModern Irish DramaMaureen Hawkins
ENGL 4600ARobert Kroetsch and His WorksJay Gamble