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AGST 1000AThe Evolution of AgricultureDanny Le Roy
AGST 4000NSeminar in Agricultural IssuesPascal Ghazalian
AGST 4300AAdvanced Modelling of Agricultural SystemsDanny Le Roy
AGST 4300L1AGST 4300 Lab 1Jeff Davidson
ANTH 1000AThe Anthropological PerspectiveJodie Asselin
ANTH 1000BThe Anthropological PerspectiveJames MacKenzie
ANTH 2410AAnthropological Approaches to PrehistoryAndrea Cuellar
ANTH 2510ALanguage, Culture, and CommunicationCatherine Kingfisher
ANTH 2600AAnthropology of GenderCatherine Kingfisher
ANTH 2710AIntroduction to Environmental AnthropologyJodie Asselin
ANTH 3000AAnthropological ThoughtJanice Newberry
ANTH 3400AOrigins of InequalityJerimy Cunningham
ANTH 3520AMedical AnthropologySteve Ferzacca
ANTH 4850AEthnoarchaeologyJerimy Cunningham
ARKY 1000AIntroduction to ArchaeologyDylan Johnson
ARKY 2610AOld World ArchaeologyTara Collett
ASIA 3850APopulation Dynamics in South AsiaMD Islam
ASTR 2070AThe Solar SystemLocke Spencer
ASTR 3020AIntroduction to CosmologyDavid Naylor
BCHM 2000AIntroductory BiochemistryAngeliki Pantazi
BCHM 2000BIntroductory BiochemistrySteven Mosimann
BCHM 2300AElements of Human NutritionAngeliki Pantazi
BCHM 3300ABioenergetics and MetabolismSteven Mosimann
BCHM 3300L1BCHM 3300 Lab 1Quintin Steynen
BCHM 3300L2BCHM 3300 Lab 2Quintin Steynen
BCHM 4000AAdvanced Contemporary BiochemistryTrushar Patel
BCHM 4000BCellular and Molecular MedicineNehalkumar Thakor
BCHM 4850ABioinformatics IIAthanasios Zovoilis
BCHM 4850BBiophysicsBorries Demeler
BIOL 1010ACellular Basis of LifeRoy Golsteyn
BIOL 1010L01BIOL 1010 Lab 1Laurie Pacarynuk
BIOL 1010L02BIOL 1010 Lab 2Amanda Myers
BIOL 1010L03BIOL 1010 Lab 3Austin Paiha
BIOL 1010L04BIOL 1010 Lab 4Austin Paiha
BIOL 1010L05BIOL 1010 Lab 5Kate Brown
BIOL 1010L06BIOL 1010 Lab 6Laurie Pacarynuk
BIOL 1010L07BIOL 1010 Lab 7Christie Miller
BIOL 1010L08BIOL 1010 Lab 8Jennifer Burke
BIOL 1010L09BIOL 1010 Lab 9Lauren Zink
BIOL 1010L10BIOL 1010 Lab 10Aleksei Sorokin
BIOL 1010L11BIOL 1010 Lab 11Christie Miller
BIOL 1010L12BIOL 1010 Lab 12Aleksei Sorokin
BIOL 1020ADiversity of LifeJennifer Burke
BIOL 1020L01BIOL 1020 Lab 1Katrina Mendez
BIOL 1020L02BIOL 1020 Lab 2Katrina Mendez
BIOL 1020L03BIOL 1020 Lab 3Parastoo Razmara
BIOL 1020L04BIOL 1020 Lab 4Katrina Mendez
BIOL 1020L05BIOL 1020 Lab 5Parastoo Razmara
BIOL 1020L06BIOL 1020 Lab 6Amanda Carpenter
BIOL 1020L07BIOL 1020 Lab 7Sean Everitt
BIOL 1020L08BIOL 1020 Lab 8Sean Everitt
BIOL 1020L09BIOL 1020 Lab 9Suzanne Chmilar
BIOL 2000APrinciples of GeneticsQuintin Steynen
BIOL 2000L1BIOL 2000 Lab 1Helena Danyk
BIOL 2000L2BIOL 2000 Lab 2Megan Malach
BIOL 2000L3BIOL 2000 Lab 3Aroura Gagnon
BIOL 2000L4BIOL 2000 Lab 4Megan Malach
BIOL 2000L5BIOL 2000 Lab 5Aroura Gagnon
BIOL 2000L6BIOL 2000 Lab 6Araba Sagoe-Wagner
BIOL 2000L7BIOL 2000 Lab 7Araba Sagoe-Wagner
BIOL 2001AResearch Internship I: Scientific DiscoveryElizabeth Schultz
BIOL 2001L1BIOL 2001 Lab 1Micky Ahn
BIOL 2001L1BIOL 2001 Lab 1Marta Gerasymchuk
BIOL 2001L1BIOL 2001 Lab 1Raegan Plomp
BIOL 2002AResearch Internship II: Scientific Data and AnalysisSteve Wiseman
BIOL 2850ABiology and SocietyRandall Barley
BIOL 3000AGene Expression and RegulationTony Russell
BIOL 3001AResearch Internship III: Communicating ScienceSteve Wiseman
BIOL 3105ASignal TransductionOlga Kovalchuk
BIOL 3115APrinciples of Cell GrowthRoy Golsteyn
BIOL 3300AEvolutionTheresa Burg
BIOL 3300L1BIOL 3300 Lab 1Theresa Burg
BIOL 3300L2BIOL 3300 Lab 2Theresa Burg
BIOL 3300L3BIOL 3300 Lab 3Theresa Burg
BIOL 3300L4BIOL 3300 Lab 4Theresa Burg
BIOL 3310ADevelopmental BiologyElizabeth Schultz
BIOL 3400APrinciples of MicrobiologyBrent Selinger
BIOL 3400L1BIOL 3400 Lab 1Helena Danyk
BIOL 3400L2BIOL 3400 Lab 2Laurie Pacarynuk
BIOL 3400L3BIOL 3400 Lab 3Helena Danyk
BIOL 3460APlant PhysiologyLarry Flanagan
BIOL 3460L1BIOL 3460 Lab 1Katrina Mendez
BIOL 3520AInvertebrate ZoologyCameron Goater
BIOL 3520L1BIOL 3520 Lab 1Cameron Goater
BIOL 4140ARNA BiologyTony Russell
BIOL 4230AMolecular and Cellular Biology of CancerOlga Kovalchuk
BIOL 4500ASeminars in Biological SciencesRandall Barley
BIOL 4710AEvolutionary and Ecological ModellingRobert Laird
BIOL 4710L1BIOL 4710 Lab 1Robert Laird
BIOL 4850ABehavioural ToxicologyGregory Pyle
BKFT 2000ASpoken Blackfoot IIBeverly Hungry Wolf
BKFT 2000XSpoken Blackfoot IIAudrey Weasel Traveller
BKFT 2210AStructure of the Blackfoot LanguageInge Genee
CHEM 0500AIntroduction to Modern ChemistryJohn Eng
CHEM 0520AIntroductory ChemistryMichelle Hogue
CHEM 0520L1CHEM 0520 Lab 1Michelle Hogue
CHEM 1000AGeneral Chemistry IYing Zheng
CHEM 1000L1CHEM 1000 Lab 1Cody Turner
CHEM 1000L2CHEM 1000 Lab 2Keiran Vanden Dungen
CHEM 1000L3CHEM 1000 Lab 3Cody Turner
CHEM 1000L4CHEM 1000 Lab 4Keiran Vanden Dungen
CHEM 2000AGeneral Chemistry IIMarc Roussel
CHEM 2000BGeneral Chemistry IIMarc Roussel
CHEM 2000L01CHEM 2000 Lab 1Kamiko Bressler
CHEM 2000L02CHEM 2000 Lab 2Briana Boychuk
CHEM 2000L03CHEM 2000 Lab 3Hope Vienneau
CHEM 2000L04CHEM 2000 Lab 4Briana Boychuk
CHEM 2000L05CHEM 2000 Lab 5Davinder Dhalla
CHEM 2000L06CHEM 2000 Lab 6Hope Vienneau
CHEM 2000L07CHEM 2000 Lab 7Davinder Dhalla
CHEM 2000L08CHEM 2000 Lab 8Sarah Schultz
CHEM 2000L09CHEM 2000 Lab 9Priya Bhutani
CHEM 2000L10CHEM 2000 Lab 10Kamiko Bressler
CHEM 2000L11CHEM 2000 Lab 11Priya Bhutani
CHEM 2000L12CHEM 2000 Lab 12Sarah Schultz
CHEM 2120AChemistry for Life Sciences IIYing Zheng
CHEM 2120L1CHEM 2120 Lab 1Darren Gemmill
CHEM 2120L2CHEM 2120 Lab 2Jean Claude Nshogozabahizi
CHEM 2320AHistory of ChemistryGreg Patenaude
CHEM 2500AOrganic Chemistry IPeter Dibble
CHEM 2500L1CHEM 2500 Lab 1Dustin Smith
CHEM 2500L2CHEM 2500 Lab 2Dustin Smith
CHEM 2500L3CHEM 2500 Lab 3Desmond Chisholm
CHEM 2600AOrganic Chemistry IIGreg Patenaude
CHEM 2600BOrganic Chemistry IISusan Findlay
CHEM 2600L1CHEM 2600 Lab 1Eric Allen
CHEM 2600L2CHEM 2600 Lab 2Eric Allen
CHEM 2600L3CHEM 2600 Lab 3Dylan Webb
CHEM 2600L4CHEM 2600 Lab 4Tara Dickie
CHEM 2600L5CHEM 2600 Lab 5Tara Dickie
CHEM 2600L6CHEM 2600 Lab 6Edward Hsiang
CHEM 2740APhysical ChemistryStacey Wetmore
CHEM 2740GHCHEM 2740 Lab 5Wayne Lippa
CHEM 2740L1CHEM 2740 Lab 1Wayne Lippa
CHEM 2740L2CHEM 2740 Lab 2Wayne Lippa
CHEM 2740L3CHEM 2740 Lab 3Wayne Lippa
CHEM 3840AInorganic Chemistry IIPaul Hayes
CHEM 3840L1CHEM 3840 Lab 1Douglas Turnbull
CHEM 3840L2CHEM 3840 Lab 2Nathan Hill
CHEM 4000AMedicinal ChemistrySusan Findlay
CPSC 1000AIntroduction to Computer ScienceJohn Anvik
CPSC 1000L1CPSC 1000 Lab 1Wali Mohammad Abdullah
CPSC 1000L2CPSC 1000 Lab 2Behnam Kamranian
CPSC 1000L3CPSC 1000 Lab 3Mahshid Aghania
CPSC 1000L4CPSC 1000 Lab 4Mainul Polash
CPSC 1000L5CPSC 1000 Lab 5Chudamani Aryal
CPSC 1000L6CPSC 1000 Lab 6Sowkat Alam
CPSC 1620AFundamentals of Programming IWendy Osborn
CPSC 1620L1CPSC 1620 Lab 1Deen Abdullah
CPSC 1620L2CPSC 1620 Lab 2Deen Abdullah
CPSC 1620L3CPSC 1620 Lab 3Farhana Aklam
CPSC 1620L4CPSC 1620 Lab 4Farhana Aklam
CPSC 1620T01CPSC 1620 Tut 01Asif Mahmud
CPSC 1620T02CPSC 1620 Tut 02Asif Mahmud
CPSC 1820ADiscrete StructuresRobert Benkoczi
CPSC 1820T01CPSC 1820 Tut 01Ajay Raj Tedlapu
CPSC 1820T02CPSC 1820 Tut 02Ajay Raj Tedlapu
CPSC 2610AIntroduction to Digital SystemsHua Li
CPSC 2610L1CPSC 2610 Lab 1Nicole Wilson
CPSC 2610L2CPSC 2610 Lab 2Nicole Wilson
CPSC 2620AFundamentals of Programming IIHoward Cheng
CPSC 2620L1CPSC 2620 Lab 1Arie Bomhof
CPSC 2620L2CPSC 2620 Lab 2Arie Bomhof
CPSC 2620L3CPSC 2620 Lab 3Arie Bomhof
CPSC 2620T01CPSC 2620 Tut 01Arie Bomhof
CPSC 2620T02CPSC 2620 Tut 02Arie Bomhof
CPSC 2720APractical Software DevelopmentJohn Anvik
CPSC 2720L1CPSC 2720 Lab 1Nicole Wilson
CPSC 2720L2CPSC 2720 Lab 2Nicole Wilson
CPSC 3615AComputer ArchitectureHua Li
CPSC 3620AData Structures and AlgorithmsShahadat Hossain
CPSC 3660AIntroduction to Database SystemsJohn Zhang
CPSC 3710AComputer GraphicsJohn Zhang
CPSC 3740AProgramming LanguagesHoward Cheng
CPSC 4110AIntroduction to Algorithms in Facility LocationRobert Benkoczi
CPSC 4310AAdvanced Data ProcessingWendy Osborn
CPSC 4600ACompiler DesignShahadat Hossain
CREE 1000AIntroductory Spoken CreeMargaret Lamouche
ECON 1010AIntroduction to MicroeconomicsJeff Davidson
ECON 1010BIntroduction to MicroeconomicsJeff Davidson
ECON 1010CIntroduction to MicroeconomicsDonna Townley
ECON 1010L1ECON 1010 Lab 1 (For Calgary)Mahmood Zarrabi
ECON 1010YIntroduction to MicroeconomicsMahmood Zarrabi
ECON 1012AIntroduction to MacroeconomicsMichael Lanyi
ECON 1012BIntroduction to MacroeconomicsDonna Townley
ECON 1012CIntroduction to MacroeconomicsDonna Townley
ECON 1012L1ECON 1012 Lab 1 (For Calgary)Omondi Oloo
ECON 1012YIntroduction to MacroeconomicsOmondi Oloo
ECON 2750AQuantitative Methods in EconomicsKien Tran
ECON 2900AEconomics and Business StatisticsJeff Davidson
ECON 2900L1ECON 2900 Lab 1 (For Calgary)Carlos Aviles
ECON 2900YEconomics and Business StatisticsCarlos Aviles
ECON 3012AIntermediate Macroeconomic TheoryAlexander Darku
ECON 3030AManagerial EconomicsMichael Lanyi
ECON 3030L1ECON 3030 Lab 1 (For Calgary)Lavinia Moldovan
ECON 3030YManagerial EconomicsLavinia Moldovan
ECON 3080APrinciples of Industrial Organization I/MGT 3780Stavroula Malla
ECON 3170AEconomic History of CanadaRichard Mueller
ECON 4300NAgricultural Policy IIStavroula Malla
ECON 4550AInternational FinanceAlexander Darku
ECON 4590AEconomics of GlobalizationPascal Ghazalian
ECON 4960AEconometrics IIKien Tran
ENGG 2060AEngineering MechanicsJessica Bekker
ENGG 2060L1ENGG 2060 Lab 1Chad Povey
ENGG 2100NThe Engineering Profession IIChad Povey
ENGG 2300AEngineering DesignJon Doan
ENGG 2300L1ENGG 2300 Lab 1Daniel Furgason
ENGL 1900AIntroduction to Language and LiteratureNick Morwood
ENGL 1900BIntroduction to Language and LiteratureJay Gamble
ENGL 1900CIntroduction to Language and LiteratureWendy Faith Usher
ENGL 1900DIntroduction to Language and LiteratureWendy Faith Usher
ENGL 1900EIntroduction to Language and LiteratureGretchen Scott
ENGL 1900NIntroduction to Language and LiteratureChristopher Grignard
ENGL 2200ADramaMaureen Hawkins
ENGL 2450ASurvey of English Literature IIIan McAdam
ENGL 2500ASurvey of American Literature IGoldie Morgentaler
ENGL 2610ASurvey of Children's LiteratureElizabeth Galway
ENGL 2625ASurvey of World LiteratureEsther de Bruijn
ENGL 3302A19th-Century British NovelGoldie Morgentaler
ENGL 3602AShakespeareIan McAdam
ENGL 3620AModern DramaMaureen Hawkins
ENGL 3700AMetaphorWendy Faith Usher
ENGL 3700BModernism: Utopias and DystopiasNick Morwood
ENGL 3800ACreative WritingJay Gamble
ENGL 3860APost-Colonial LiteratureEsther de Bruijn
ENGL 4400AContemporary Literary TheoryAdam Carter
ENGL 4600AHenry FieldingHeather Ladd
ENVS 0520AIntroduction to Environmental ScienceScott Heckbert
ENVS 2000AFundamentals of Environmental ScienceCameron Goater
ENVS 3000AWetlandsLaura Chasmer
ENVS 4000ACurrent Events in Environmental ScienceDan Johnson
FNT 0525AQuest for Success IIMichelle Hogue
FREN 1000ABeginners' French IFrancine Young
FREN 1000L1FREN 1000 Lab 1Francine Young
FREN 1100ABeginners' French IIFelicie Sonnet
FREN 1100BBeginners' French IISteven Gillis
FREN 1100L1FREN 1100 Lab 1 (For A)Felicie Sonnet
FREN 1100L2FREN 1100 Lab 2 (For B)Steven Gillis
FREN 1500AIntermediate Language ISylvie Volia Lebon
FREN 1500L1FREN 1500 Lab 1Sylvie Volia Lebon
FREN 2000AIntermediate Language IIFrancine Young
FREN 2000L1FREN 2000 Lab 1Francine Young
FREN 2250XFrench ImmersionMelanie Collado
FREN 2300AIntroduction to Modern Literature and Literary AnalysisMelanie Collado
FREN 2700ACommunication ecrite et oraleAlain Takam
FREN 2700L1FREN 2700 Lab 1Alain Takam
FREN 3001AAdvanced Language IBeth Gerwin
FREN 3100ASurvey of Pre-Revolutionary French LiteratureMelanie Collado
FREN 3200AModern Quebec CultureSteven Urquhart
FREN 4001AAdvanced Language IIAlain Takam
FREN 4600AFilm Adaptions of the 19th CenturyBeth Gerwin
GEOG 1000AIntroduction to Physical GeographyRene Barendregt
GEOG 1200AIntroduction to Human GeographyJulie Young
GEOG 2300AWeather and ClimatePhilip Bonnaventure
GEOG 2300L1GEOG 2300 Lab 1Seamus Daly
GEOG 2300L1GEOG 2300 Lab 1Seamus Daly
GEOG 2300L1GEOG 2300 Lab 1Seamus Daly
GEOG 2300L1GEOG 2300 Lab 1Seamus Daly
GEOG 2300L1GEOG 2300 Lab 1Seamus Daly
GEOG 2300L1GEOG 2300 Lab 1Seamus Daly
GEOG 2300L1GEOG 2300 Lab 1Seamus Daly
GEOG 2300L2GEOG 2300 Lab 2Kailyn Nelson
GEOG 2300L2GEOG 2300 Lab 2Kailyn Nelson
GEOG 2300L2GEOG 2300 Lab 2Kailyn Nelson
GEOG 2300L2GEOG 2300 Lab 2Kailyn Nelson
GEOG 2300L2GEOG 2300 Lab 2Kailyn Nelson
GEOG 2300L2GEOG 2300 Lab 2Kailyn Nelson
GEOG 2300L2GEOG 2300 Lab 2Kailyn Nelson
GEOG 2300L3GEOG 2300 Lab 3Seamus Daly
GEOG 2300L3GEOG 2300 Lab 3Seamus Daly
GEOG 2300L3GEOG 2300 Lab 3Seamus Daly
GEOG 2300L3GEOG 2300 Lab 3Seamus Daly
GEOG 2300L3GEOG 2300 Lab 3Seamus Daly
GEOG 2300L3GEOG 2300 Lab 3Seamus Daly
GEOG 2300L3GEOG 2300 Lab 3Seamus Daly
GEOG 2300L4GEOG 2300 Lab 4Kailyn Nelson
GEOG 2300L4GEOG 2300 Lab 4Kailyn Nelson
GEOG 2300L4GEOG 2300 Lab 4Kailyn Nelson
GEOG 2300L4GEOG 2300 Lab 4Kailyn Nelson
GEOG 2300L4GEOG 2300 Lab 4Kailyn Nelson
GEOG 2300L4GEOG 2300 Lab 4Kailyn Nelson
GEOG 2300L4GEOG 2300 Lab 4Kailyn Nelson
GEOG 2600ACanadaTom Johnston
GEOG 2700AGeographical Data and AnalysisDan Johnson
GEOG 2700L1GEOG 2700 Lab 1Jolene Debert
GEOG 2700L2GEOG 2700 Lab 2Jolene Debert
GEOG 2735AIntroduction to Geographical Information ScienceMarcus Dostie
GEOG 2735L1GEOG 2735 Lab 1Marcus Dostie
GEOG 2735L1GEOG 2735 Lab 1Marcus Dostie
GEOG 2735L2GEOG 2735 Lab 2Marcus Dostie
GEOG 2735L2GEOG 2735 Lab 2Marcus Dostie
GEOG 2735L3GEOG 2735 Lab 3Marcus Dostie
GEOG 2735L3GEOG 2735 Lab 3Marcus Dostie
GEOG 3060AGlaciology and Glacial GeomorphologyHester Jiskoot
GEOG 3060L1GEOG 3060 Lab 1Hester Jiskoot
GEOG 3060L1GEOG 3060 Lab 1Hester Jiskoot
GEOG 3075AEnvironmental Resources ManagementLaura Chasmer
GEOG 3300AMicroclimatologyPhilip Bonnaventure
GEOG 3300L1GEOG 3300 Lab 1Madeleine Garibaldi
GEOG 3605AThe Changing Geography of ChinaWei Xu
GEOG 3700L1GEOG 3700 Lab 1Jolene Debert
GEOG 3700NCartographyDerek Peddle
GEOG 3850AWetlandsLaura Chasmer
GEOG 4060AAgricultural Soil ManagementThomas Jensen
GEOG 4060L1GEOG 4060 Lab 1Thomas Jensen
GEOG 4240ACanadian Cities in TransitionIvan Townshend
GEOG 4500NLand, Community, and DevelopmentSpencer Croil
GEOG 4725AAdvanced Remote SensingCraig Coburn
GEOG 4725L1GEOG 4725 Lab 1Marcus Dostie
GEOG 4753NSeminar in Remote SensingDerek Peddle
GEOG 4900AHistory and Theory of GeographyTom Johnston
GEOL 2060APhysical GeologyRene Barendregt
GEOL 2060GHOGEOL 2060 Lab 2Jolene Debert
GEOL 2060L1GEOL 2060 Lab 1Jolene Debert
HEBR 1100AElementary Hebrew IIKevin McGeough
HIST 1000BWestern CivilizationLynn Kennedy
HIST 1200AWorld HistoryGideon Fujiwara
HIST 2001AMain Themes in Ancient HistoryChristopher Epplett
HIST 2100AMain Themes in Medieval European HistoryDavid Hay
HIST 2150AThe Politics of Europe - 1750-1914Christopher Churchill
HIST 2222AHistory in PracticeSheila McManus
HIST 2710NCanada to 1867Dave McMurray
HIST 2720ACanada Since 1867Matthew Todd
HIST 2800AHistory of WomenCarol Williams
HIST 3605AHistory and Culture of the American SouthLynn Kennedy
HIST 3850ARenaissance of the 12th CenturyDavid Hay
HIST 3850BEarly Modern to Modern JapanGideon Fujiwara
HIST 3850CLaw and Justice in Ancient AthensCraig Cooper
HIST 3850DAlberta HistoryMatthew Todd
HIST 4001AAncient WarfareChristopher Epplett
HIST 4090AThe Atlantic WorldMatthew Todd
HIST 4090AThe Atlantic WorldMatthew Todd
IDST 0520ABridging Cultures: Two-Eyed SeeingMichelle Hogue
IDST 1850AIndigenous Peoples and WaterBenjamin Jnr Dosu
JPNS 1100ABeginners' Japanese IIAbigail McMeekin
JPNS 1100L1JPNS 1100 Lab 1Abigail McMeekin
KNES 1000AWellness and Physical ActivityIlsa Wong
KNES 1000L1KNES 1000 Lab 1Ian Bennett
KNES 1000L1KNES 1000 Lab 1Ian Bennett
KNES 1000L2KNES 1000 Lab 2Ian Bennett
KNES 1000L2KNES 1000 Lab 2Ian Bennett
KNES 1000L3KNES 1000 Lab 3Sophia Verzosa
KNES 1000L3KNES 1000 Lab 3Sophia Verzosa
KNES 1000L4KNES 1000 Lab 4Sophia Verzosa
KNES 1000L4KNES 1000 Lab 4Sophia Verzosa
KNES 1000L5KNES 1000 Lab 5Sophia Verzosa
KNES 1000L5KNES 1000 Lab 5Sophia Verzosa
KNES 1161AHuman Anatomy and Physiology IIStephane Simard
KNES 1161L1KNES 1161 Lab 1Natalie de Bruin Nutley
KNES 1161L2KNES 1161 Lab 2Natalie de Bruin Nutley
KNES 1161L3KNES 1161 Lab 3Natalie de Bruin Nutley
KNES 2110ABiophysical PerspectivesStephane Simard
KNES 2130AHumanities PerspectivesRobert Kossuth
KNES 2140APsychological PerspectivesKelsey Kendellen
KNES 2150ASociological PerspectivesStacey Leavitt
KNES 2160AManagement PerspectivesIan Bennett
KNES 2200AResearch MethodologiesClaudia Gonzalez
KNES 2600AFunctional Human AnatomyNatalie de Bruin Nutley
KNES 2600L1KNES 2600 Lab 1Natalie de Bruin Nutley
KNES 2600L2KNES 2600 Lab 2Natalie de Bruin Nutley
KNES 2600L3KNES 2600 Lab 3Natalie de Bruin Nutley
KNES 2610AHuman PhysiologyTaura Truba
KNES 3100ASocial Constructions of the BodySean Brayton
KNES 3300ALeadership Skills DevelopmentIlsa Wong
KNES 3500ANutrition and Physical ActivityMarc Bomhof
KNES 3610AExercise PhysiologyTaura Truba
KNES 3610L1KNES 3610 Lab 1Taura Truba
KNES 3610L2KNES 3610 Lab 2Taura Truba
KNES 3610L3KNES 3610 Lab 3Taura Truba
KNES 3630AGrowth, Development and AgingIlsa Wong
KNES 3650ABiomechanicsGongbing Shan
KNES 3650L1KNES 3650 Lab 1Gongbing Shan
KNES 3650L1KNES 3650 Lab 1Gongbing Shan
KNES 3650L2KNES 3650 Lab 2Gongbing Shan
KNES 3650L2KNES 3650 Lab 2Gongbing Shan
KNES 3650L3KNES 3650 Lab 3Gongbing Shan
KNES 3650L3KNES 3650 Lab 3Gongbing Shan
KNES 3680ASport PsychologyScott Rathwell
KNES 3690AMotor ControlNatalie de Bruin Nutley
KNES 3690L1KNES 3690 Lab 1Natalie de Bruin Nutley
KNES 3690L1KNES 3690 Lab 1Natalie de Bruin Nutley
KNES 3690L2KNES 3690 Lab 2Natalie de Bruin Nutley
KNES 3690L2KNES 3690 Lab 2Natalie de Bruin Nutley
KNES 3690L3KNES 3690 Lab 3Natalie de Bruin Nutley
KNES 3690L3KNES 3690 Lab 3Natalie de Bruin Nutley
KNES 3780AExercise PsychologyPaige Pope
KNES 3850L1KNES 3850 Lab 1Janee Loewen
KNES 3850L1KNES 3850 Lab 1Janee Loewen
KNES 3850NTherapeutic Exercise Foundations and TechniquesJanee Loewen
KNES 3850NTherapeutic Exercise Foundations and TechniquesJanee Loewen
KNES 4300AWork and Physical ErgonomicsJon Doan
KNES 4400ACanadian Sport HistoryCarly Adams
KNES 4500AAging and Physical ActivityScott Rathwell
KNES 4610AFitness and Lifestyle AssessmentJennifer Copeland
KNES 4610AFitness and Lifestyle AssessmentJennifer Copeland
KNES 4610L1KNES 4610 Lab 1Jennifer Copeland
KNES 4610L1KNES 4610 Lab 1Jennifer Copeland
KNES 4615AAdvanced Exercise PhysiologyMarc Bomhof
KNES 4640AApplied Ethics in Sport and Physical ActivityRobert Kossuth
KNES 4680AAdvanced Exercise and Sport PsychologyPaige Pope
KNES 4720AGender and Physical ActivitySean Brayton
KNES 4850ABiomechanical DesignJon Doan
KNES 4850L01KNES 4850 Lab 01Daniel Furgason
KNES 4900AInterdisciplinary Research DialoguesJennifer Copeland
KNES 4900AInterdisciplinary Research DialoguesSean Brayton
LBED 1000AKnowledge and Liberal EducationBrendan Cummins
LBED 1000L1LBED 1000 Lab 1Brendan Cummins
LBED 1000L2LBED 1000 Lab 2Brendan Cummins
LBED 1500AThe First-Year Experience: Mapping Our CommunitiesBrendan Cummins
LBED 2000AIdentity and Liberal EducationBruce MacKay
LBED 2000BIdentity and Liberal EducationKarl Laderoute
LBED 2100AQuantitative ReasoningJana Archibald
LBED 2150AMultidisciplinary Perspectives on Global Citizenship IIJanice Newberry
LBED 2150BMultidisciplinary Perspectives on Global Citizenship IIJay Gamble
LBED 2150CMultidisciplinary Perspectives on Global Citizenship IIJanice Newberry
LBED 2200AProblems and PuzzlesShelly Wismath
LBED 2850AConceptualizing YouthVictoria Holec
LBED 2850BPerspectives on SchoolingAmy von Heyking
LBED 3010AThe Law: Obey or DisobeyKatharina Stevens
LBED 3400AGreat Literature and Thought Across Disciplines: The Long ConversationAl Kizuk
LBED 3850AThemes in InnovationDavid Hinger
LBED 3850AThemes in InnovationJeff Meadows
LBED 4000NCapstone Ideas in Liberal EducationAl Kizuk
LBED 4000NCapstone Ideas in Liberal EducationBruce MacKay
LBSC 2000ALibrary Research and Information SystemsRomany Craig
LING 2600AIntroduction to Linguistics II: Morphology, Syntax and SemanticsInge Genee
LOGI 1000ACritical ThinkingKatharina Stevens
LOGI 3003ASymbolic Logic IIKent Peacock
MATH 0500AEssential MathematicsEsteban Gomez-Riviere
MATH 0500BEssential MathematicsEsteban Gomez-Riviere
MATH 0500T01MATH 0500 Tut 01 (For A)Esteban Gomez-Riviere
MATH 0500T02MATH 0500 Tut 02 (For B)Esteban Gomez-Riviere
MATH 0520AEssential MathematicsEsteban Gomez-Riviere
MATH 0520T01MATH 0520 Tut 01Esteban Gomez-Riviere
MATH 1410AElementary Linear AlgebraJana Archibald
MATH 1410BElementary Linear AlgebraJana Archibald
MATH 1410T01MATH 1410 Tut 01Quanli Shen
MATH 1410T02MATH 1410 Tut 02Sourabhashis Das
MATH 1410T03MATH 1410 Tut 03Sourabhashis Das
MATH 1410T04MATH 1410 Tut 04Farzad Maghsoudi
MATH 1410T05MATH 1410 Tut 05Farzad Maghsoudi
MATH 1410T06MATH 1410 Tut 06Sara Sasani
MATH 1410T07MATH 1410 Tut 07Sara Sasani
MATH 1510T01MATH 1510 Tut 01Gordana Dmitrasinovic-Vidovic
MATH 1510YCalculus for Management and Social SciencesGordana Dmitrasinovic-Vidovic
MATH 1560ACalculus IDennis Connolly
MATH 1560T01MATH 1560 Tut 01Arie Bomhof
MATH 1560T02MATH 1560 Tut 02Arie Bomhof
MATH 1560T03MATH 1560 Tut 03Arie Bomhof
MATH 2000AMathematical ConceptsAndrew Fiori
MATH 2000BMathematical ConceptsAndrew Fiori
MATH 2000T01MATH 2000 Tut 01Sean Fitzpatrick
MATH 2000T02MATH 2000 Tut 02Sean Fitzpatrick
MATH 2000T03MATH 2000 Tut 03Sean Fitzpatrick
MATH 2090ANumber SystemsSean Fitzpatrick
MATH 2090T01MATH 2090 Tut 01Sean Fitzpatrick
MATH 2560ACalculus IINathan Ng
MATH 2560T01MATH 2560 Tut 01Arie Bomhof
MATH 2560T02MATH 2560 Tut 02Arie Bomhof
MATH 2560T03MATH 2560 Tut 03Arie Bomhof
MATH 2560T04MATH 2560 Tut 04Arie Bomhof
MATH 2565AAccelerated Calculus IIDavid Kaminski
MATH 2565T01MATH 2565 Tut 01Oluwaseun Lijoka
MATH 2565T02MATH 2565 Tut 02Quanli Shen
MATH 2570ACalculus IIIDennis Connolly
MATH 2580ACalculus IVSean Fitzpatrick
MATH 3410ALinear AlgebraAndrew Fiori
MATH 3461AElementary Number TheoryHabiba Kadiri
MATH 3500AAnalysis INathan Ng
MATH 3650ADifferential Equations IIDavid Kaminski
MATH 4400AField TheoryAmir Akbary-Majdabadno
MATH 4505AReal AnalysisAmir Akbary-Majdabadno
NAS 1000AIntroduction to Native American StudiesHenrie Beaulieu
NAS 2100NAboriginal Peoples and LawRoy Pogorzelski
NAS 2550AU.S. Indian HistoryPaul McKenzie-Jones
NAS 2850BSustainable Language Revitalization/LING 2850Conor Snoek
NAS 3300VCCanadian Indian Art History and TheoryJaime Warn
NAS 3600ANative American Literature - AdvancedShelley Stigter
NAS 3700ANative American HealthHenrie Beaulieu
NAS 3850AHistorical Linguistics/LING 3850Conor Snoek
NAS 4850AOrality, Literacy and NarrativeHenrie Beaulieu
NAS 4850BComparative Indigenous Resistance IIPaul McKenzie-Jones
NEUR 1000AIntroduction to NeuroscienceAndrew Iwaniuk
NEUR 1000AIntroduction to NeuroscienceRobert Sutherland
NEUR 2600ABrain and BehaviourRobbin Gibb
NEUR 3600AFundamental NeurobiologyDavid Euston
NEUR 3605AResearch Methods in NeuroscienceRobbin Gibb
NEUR 3625ACellular and Molecular NeurobiologyMajid Mohajerani
NEUR 3655ACognitive Neuroscience IIDavid Euston
NEUR 3850AIntroduction to RoboticsMatthew Tata
NEUR 3850BThe Neuroscience of Mental HealthMirela Ambeskovic
NEUR 3850CThe Neurobiology of Brain and Behavioural DevelopmentRobbin Gibb
NEUR 3850DIntroduction to Magnetic Resonance ImagingSorina Truica
NEUR 3850L1NEUR 3850 Lab 1 (For D)Sorina Truica
NEUR 3850L1NEUR 3850 Lab 1 (For D)Sorina Truica
NEUR 4850ARevisiting the Classic Studies in NeuroscienceBryan Kolb
NEUR 4850BIntroduction to NeurotechnologyMatthew Tata
PHAC 2130AEducational DanceLen Barnes
PHAC 2135AEducational GymnasticsScott Whiteside
PHAC 3020AMovement Literacy: Upper Body ActionsFred Trinh
PHAC 3020BMovement Literacy: Upper Body ActionsFred Trinh
PHAC 3020L1PHAC 3020 Lab 1 (For A)Fred Trinh
PHAC 3020L2PHAC 3020 Lab 2 (For B)Fred Trinh
PHAC 3030AMovement Literacy: Lower Body ActionsSophia Verzosa
PHAC 3030BMovement Literacy: Lower Body ActionsSophia Verzosa
PHAC 3030L1PHAC 3030 Lab 1 (For A)Sophia Verzosa
PHAC 3030L2PHAC 3030 Lab 2 (For B)Sophia Verzosa
PHAC 3040AResistance Training for Health and PerformanceStephane Simard
PHAC 3040BResistance Training for Health and PerformancePaula McDonald
PHAC 3040L1PHAC 3040 Lab 1 (For A)Stephane Simard
PHAC 3040L2PHAC 3040 Lab 2 (For B)Paula McDonald
PHAC 3050AConditioning for Cardiovascular Health and PerformanceHeidi Shaw
PHAC 3050L1PHAC 3050 Lab 1Heidi Shaw
PHAC 3060AAdapting Physical ActivityIan Bennett
PHAC 3060L1PHAC 3060 Lab 1Ian Bennett
PHAC 3070AStructure and Strategy of GamesFred Trinh
PHAC 3070BStructure and Strategy of GamesFred Trinh
PHAC 3070L1PHAC 3070 Lab 1 (For A)Fred Trinh
PHAC 3070L2PHAC 3070 Lab 2 (For B)Fred Trinh
PHIL 1000AIntroduction to PhilosophyGillman Payette
PHIL 1000BIntroduction to PhilosophyGillman Payette
PHIL 1000CIntroduction to PhilosophyKarl Laderoute
PHIL 2002ABelief, Truth, and ParadoxPaul Viminitz
PHIL 2010AAncient PhilosophyKarl Laderoute
PHIL 2220APhilosophy of MindGillman Payette
PHIL 2236AEnvironmental PhilosophyMichael Stingl
PHIL 3000AExistence, Evidence and Standard of ProofVictor Rodych
PHIL 3000BThe Law: Obey or DisobeyKatharina Stevens
PHIL 3350AAnalytic PhilosophyVictor Rodych
PHIL 3402ABiomedical EthicsMichael Stingl
PHIL 3409A18th-Century Philosophy: Leibniz to KantKent Peacock
PHIL 3410AAdvanced EthicsPaul Viminitz
PHIL 4000ALaws of NatureBryson Brown
PHYS 1000AIntroduction to Physics IChad Povey
PHYS 1000L2PHYS 1000 Lab 2Md Kamruzzaman
PHYS 1000L3PHYS 1000 Lab 3Md Kamruzzaman
PHYS 1050AIntroduction to BiophysicsMark Tipper
PHYS 1050L1PHYS 1050 Lab 1Christopher Benson
PHYS 1050L2PHYS 1050 Lab 2Alissa Kuhn
PHYS 1050L3PHYS 1050 Lab 3Christopher Benson
PHYS 1050L4PSYC 1050 Lab 4Mark Tipper
PHYS 1050L5PSYC 1050 Lab 5Alissa Kuhn
PHYS 2000AIntroduction to Physics IIMark Walton
PHYS 2000L1PHYS 2000 Lab 1Daniel Furgason
PHYS 2000L2PHYS 2000 Lab 2Adam Christiansen
PHYS 2000L3PHYS 2000 Lab 3Daniel Furgason
PHYS 2130AWaves, Optics and SoundFaizal Mir
PHYS 2130L1PHYS 2130 Lab 1Jeremy Scott
PHYS 2130L2PHYS 2130 Lab 2Vasil Todorinov
PHYS 2130L3PHYS 2130 Lab 3Vasil Todorinov
PHYS 2150AQuantum Mechanics IArundhati Dasgupta
PHYS 2925AIntroduction to Experimental PhysicsSteve Patitsas
PHYS 2925L1PHYS 2925 Lab 1Steve Patitsas
PHYS 3750AContemporary PhysicsSaurya Das
PHYS 3750T01PHYS 3750 Tut 01Mark Tipper
PHYS 3800AMethods of Theoretical PhysicsKenneth Vos
PHYS 4150AQuantum Mechanics IIIMark Walton
PHYS 4175AThe Electromagnetic InteractionFaizal Mir
PHYS 4250ASolid State PhysicsKenneth Vos
POLI 1000AIntroduction to Political ScienceSean McMahon
POLI 1000YIntroduction to Political ScienceSaira Bano
POLI 2110AInternational RelationsKen Kellett
POLI 2210ACanadian Politics and GovernmentYale Belanger
POLI 2610AIntroductory Research MethodsBenjamin Adu Gyamfi
POLI 3120ACanadian Foreign PolicyChristopher Kukucha
POLI 3210ALocal Government and PoliticsJeffrey Coffman
POLI 3221AThe Politics of Canadian FederalismGeoffrey Hale
POLI 3390APolitics and Democratization in Latin AmericaAlan Siaroff
POLI 3525APolitics and ReligionJohn von Heyking
POLI 3750AFilm and International RelationsChristopher Kukucha
POLI 3850AThe Politics of the Middle EastSean McMahon
POLI 4200AReconciliation and the StateYale Belanger
PSYC 1000ABasic Concepts of PsychologyJennifer Williams
PSYC 1000NBasic Concepts of PsychologyJennifer Williams
PSYC 1000YBasic Concepts of PsychologyPeter van der Velde
PSYC 2030AMethods and StatisticsScott Allen
PSYC 2110AIntroduction to Child DevelopmentFangfang Li
PSYC 2330YLearning and CognitionPeter van der Velde
PSYC 2800ASocial PsychologyJennifer Williams
PSYC 3000AHuman - Animal InteractionsJennifer Mather
PSYC 3050AHuman CognitionJavid Sadr
PSYC 3130ADevelopmental PsychopathologyMargaret Forgie
PSYC 3240APsychology of Language/LING 3240Fangfang Li
PSYC 3330NSocial CognitionJesse Martin
PSYC 3535ADrugs and BehaviourMargaret Forgie
PSYC 3780AAnimal and Human PersonalitiesJean-Baptiste Leca
PSYC 3845AIssues in SexualityPaul Vasey
PSYC 3850ACommunity PsychologyJennifer Mather
PSYC 3850BSocial Learning and CultureNoelle Gunst-Leca
PSYC 4000ANeurodevelopmental DisordersMargaret Forgie
PSYC 4850ACelluloid PsychologyJavid Sadr
PSYC 4850BHuman Health, Behaviour, and Social TechnologiesLouise Barrett
RELS 1000AIntroduction to World ReligionsAtif Khalil
RELS 1000AIntroduction to World ReligionsHillary Rodrigues
RELS 2360AJapanese ReligionsJohn Harding
RELS 2400AJudaismJames Linville
RELS 2450ABible SurveyJennifer Otto
RELS 3000AReligion and the Possibility of Alien LifeJames Linville
RELS 3200ABuddhism and FilmJohn Harding
RELS 3501AChristianity and ViolenceJennifer Otto
RELS 3600NClassical Islamic ThoughtAtif Khalil
RELS 4110ATantra: Philosophy and TraditionsHillary Rodrigues
RELS 4400ASufismAtif Khalil
SOCI 1000AIntroduction to SociologyAthena Elafros
SOCI 1000NIntroduction to SociologyTiffany Boulton
SOCI 2050ASocial InequalityTrevor Harrison
SOCI 2600NThe Individual and SocietyGulden Ozcan
SOCI 3110NSurvey ResearchReginald Bibby
SOCI 3120AQualitative Research MethodsJason Laurendeau
SOCI 3130ASocial Statistics IIJason Laurendeau
SOCI 3220AContemporary Sociological TheoryAthena Elafros
SOCI 3310ASociology of FamiliesMuriel Mellow
SOCI 3420ASociology of WorkMuriel Mellow
SOCI 3740ADigital Culture and SocietyGulden Ozcan
SOCI 4800AAnxiety and the Post SocialWilliam Ramp
SOCI 4900AInternational Population and Global HealthSusan McDaniel
SPAN 1000ABeginners' Spanish IRaquel Trillia
SPAN 1000BBeginners' Spanish IRaquel Trillia
SPAN 1000CBeginners' Spanish IBrent Devos
SPAN 1100ABeginners' Spanish IILuz Ospina
SPAN 1100BBeginners' Spanish IILuz Ospina
SPAN 1500AIntermediate Language IOmar Rodriguez
SPAN 2000AIntermediate Language IIBrent Devos
SPAN 2250XSpanish ImmersionBrent Devos
SPAN 2300AIntroduction to Hispanic Literature and Literary AnalysisOmar Rodriguez
SPAN 3002ASpanish for Professional ContextsLuz Ospina
SPAN 3002L1SPAN 3002 Lab 1Luz Ospina
STAT 1770AIntroduction to Probability and StatisticsMuhammad Khan
STAT 1770BIntroduction to Probability and StatisticsMuhammad Khan
STAT 1770T01STAT 1770 Tut 01Sean Legge
STAT 1770T02STAT 1770 Tut 02Sean Legge
STAT 1770T03STAT 1770 Tut 03Sean Legge
STAT 1770T04STAT 1770 Tut 04Sean Legge
STAT 1770T05STAT 1770 Tut 05Nicole Wilson
STAT 1770T06STAT 1770 Tut 06Nicole Wilson
STAT 1770T07STAT 1770 Tut 07Nicole Wilson
STAT 1770T08STAT 1770 Tut 08Sean Legge
STAT 1770T09STAT 1770 Tut 09Sean Legge
STAT 1770T10STAT 1770 Tut 10Nicole Wilson
STAT 1770T11STAT 1770 Tut 11 (For Sec Y)Ian Lovatt
STAT 1770T12STAT 1770 Tut 12 (For Sec YA)David Kemppainen
STAT 1770YIntroduction to Probability and StatisticsIan Lovatt
STAT 1770YAIntroduction to Probability and StatisticsDavid Kemppainen
STAT 2780AStatistical InferenceAminmohamed Adatia
STAT 2780T01STAT 2780 Tut 01Sean Legge
STAT 2780T02STAT 2780 Tut 02Sean Legge
STAT 2780T03STAT 2780 Tut 03Sean Legge
STAT 3510AMathematical StatisticsAminmohamed Adatia
STAT 3700ADesign and Analysis of ExperimentsJohn Sheriff
STAT 3700L1STAT 3700 Lab 1John Sheriff
STAT 4850AStatistical LearningJohn Sheriff
WGST 1000AKnowing Bodies: An Introduction to Women and Gender StudiesGlenda Bonifacio
WGST 2700AFeminist Approaches to ResearchNatasha Patterson
WGST 2850AIncarcerated WomenCarol Williams
WGST 3040ARepresentations of Race and Gender on TelevisionNatasha Patterson
WGST 3150AGender and Sexuality in Asia / ASIA 3150Glenda Bonifacio
WGST 3850AFeminism and Celebrity CultureNatasha Patterson
WGST 4850AGirls and Girlhood Across Time, Space, and Culture / HIST 4850Kristine Alexander
WRIT 1000AIntroduction to Academic WritingRebecca Carruthers Den Hoed
WRIT 1000BIntroduction to Academic WritingHelen Connolly
WRIT 1000CIntroduction to Academic WritingHelen Connolly
WRIT 1000DIntroduction to Academic WritingJacob Bachinger
WRIT 1000EIntroduction to Academic WritingJacob Bachinger
WRIT 1000FIntroduction to Academic WritingJacob Bachinger
WRIT 1000GIntroduction to Academic WritingRebecca Carruthers Den Hoed
WRIT 1000IIntroduction to Academic WritingNatasha Rebry
WRIT 1000JIntroduction to Academic WritingCliff Lobe
WRIT 1000KIntroduction to Academic WritingNatasha Rebry
WRIT 1000LIntroduction to Academic WritingCliff Lobe
WRIT 1000NIntroduction to Academic WritingHelen Connolly
WRIT 1000YIntroduction to Academic WritingDiane Guichon
WRIT 1000YAIntroduction to Academic WritingDrew McDowell
WRIT 1000YBIntroduction to Academic WritingColin Martin
WRIT 1850AWriting for Engineering StudentsGillian Breckenridge