The Work Term

Co-op Work Terms

Work terms can be four, eight, twelve or sixteen months in duration, beginning in September, January or May. Opportunities exist on campus, in other educational institutions, small businesses, industry, not-for-profit organizations, and all branches of government (local, provincial and federal).

A minimum of three, four-month work terms (12 months), are required to graduate with the BSc or BA Co-op designation, although students may choose to complete up to maximum of six four-month work terms (24 months).

All co-op work terms, as at other Universities, are graded on a Pass/Fail basis only. A letter grade is not awarded, nor is academic credit given for the work term.

While on a work term, students maintain full-time student status with regard to:

  • Financial Loans and Scholarships

  • Students’ Union Health & Dental Plan

  • Registration Privileges

Types of Work Terms

The type of work you perform in Co-operative Education will be relevant to your degree. Co-operative Education positions are selected and approved to provide a broad range of experience and to encourage the development of skills and knowledge through increasingly challenging work placements.

Self-initiated Co-op

A number of students will be able to obtain employment positions themselves through their own contacts, through previous work experience, or setting up their own business. We encourage this! These students should contact a Co-op Coordinator who will contact the employer and approve the position as suitable for a Co-operative Education placement.

Try these career websites to find self-initiated Co-op placements:

Alberta Advanced Education & Career Development
The Calgary Herald
Canadian Association for Co-operative Education
Canadian Association of Career Educators & Employers
Career Information Hotline
The Edmonton Journal
Electronic Labour Exchange
Human Resources Development Canada
Lethbridge Herald
Native Research Network
University of Lethbridge Research Services
WorkInfo Net
World Association for Co-operative Education (WACE)