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Co-op lets you shine outside the classroom

Explore career options, participate in research and develop skills that complement your degree.

Your education isn’t just about what you learn in the classroom — it’s also about bridging the experiences you have outside of it. As a student at uLethbridge you have an extraordinary opportunity to create an academic experience that fits you like a tailored suit. Combined with a foundation in liberal education and armed with hands-on work experience through co-op, you will graduate with a head start on the path to your future.

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As an Arts & Science Co-op Student you will have access to our Online Community: Ever wonder what other students are really thinking and doing while on their work terms? Do you have unanswered questions or something you would like to share? Well what are you waiting for! We've created an online community just for U of L Co-op students. NING is a secured online community for Arts & Science Co-op students. This robust and dynamic system allows our Co-op students to come together, collaborate and share their Co-op experiences. Read More!


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Please visit NING today! If you have not already signed up for NING, please complete the NING Activation Request for access to a world of resources!

"The people at the Co-op office helped me learn how to market myself and get into the job market, and they were always supportive and willing to answer any questions I might have. The life experience I gained from the Co-op program has been really valuable, so I encouraged my brother to do it too!"

Subir Chowdhury (front) BSc (Co-op), Computer Science/GIS with brother Sudipto