The Student Experience

The University of Lethbridge Arts & Science Co-op Program gives students the opportunity to enhance their undergraduate degrees with experiential learning. Completing at least three (to a maximum of six) four-month work terms means you will graduate with a Co-op designation on your degree and provides you with an exceptional commendation for your resume.

Quotes from Students:

"My coop work term has enabled me to see the interesting scientific methods used in the Lethbridge Research Center for Agricultural Research in insect and pest management. I have been able to work with wonderful people and have learned much about the agricultural community. I have gained an understanding about the importance that insects play in the life-cycle of plants. I have also improved upon my people skills, driving skills, and my ability to keep organized."

Breanalee Beer
BSc Biological Sciences (Co-op)

"My co-op work term has re-focused my career objectives and given me a completely different experience opposed to anything I have ever done. As a Financial Services Representative (FSR) at TD Canada Trust, I am responsible for opening accounts, doing sales-oriented work here at the branch, along with handling lending applications and investments. I have never had the opportunity to work in the financial industry and I absolutely love it. You meet so many different people with different stories, and everyday is a new experience. Currently I am an English Language Arts Education major, but due to my amazing experience I am considering the financial route. All I can say about Co-op, is that if you find a job that jumps out at you, even if it’s not your academic major or even if you only have half the qualifications, apply! It could really change your life!"

Jade Oldfield
Pre-BA/BEd English (Co-op)

“Being part of the Co-operative Education program has stretched me in ways that I never would have imagined. I am in awe of the incredible beauty and diversity of the people of the world, and my experiences completing two co-op work terms within the last year have represented an amazing opportunity to gain awareness and help shape the evolving global climate.”

Meaghan Farquharson
BA/BEd Recreation and Leisure Studies/Physical Education (Co-op)

"I think I have come to a point of understanding where I feel I can contribute and work as an effective equal on this team, and that is a great feeling - a reward in itself. Working with others now becomes a brainstorming of ideas for problems that have never been solved before. Concepts that seemed impossible to grasp, let alone manipulate to create and solve problems, are now within reach. I think I have developed more than anything adequate knowledge of problem solving skills to isolate, analyze and propose possible solutions to the daily challenges that come with this evolving software process."

Karla Boskers
BSc Computer Science (Co-op)

“Without a doubt, my co-operative education experience at the University of Lethbridge was an immensely constructive force in my life. It encouraged me to excel in my classes and to pursue a career exploring the joys and mysteries of scientific research.”

Russell Goodman
BSc Biochemistry (Co-op)
National Co-operative Education Student of the Year
Rhodes Scholar

"The Co-op Program helped me direct my job search and find first rate jobs that gave me direct experience in my field of study (biology). Excellent exposure to jobs and employers helped me expand my network and allowed me to gain essential training and biological experience before I graduated. Participating in the Co-op Program helped me fine-tune my resume writing and interview skills. It really opened my eyes as to what jobs are out there, what I need (experience wise) to get these jobs, and where my biology degree could get me in the work world. Before joining the Co-op, I had no idea where to apply for a job, who to talk to, or even what I wanted or could do with a degree.... Now I'm a full time employee, working in a job directly involving biology, and loving every minute of it. I started out at Zeneca Seeds as a Co-op summer student and a year later I've gained full time status and I have the Co-op program to thank!"

Cari Thomas
BSc Biological Sciences (Co-op

“Because of the opportunity gained by being a conservation intern, I now have skills that will help me gain future employment. With more time spent in the field, more knowledge is gained about the current issues that surround us.”

Nicole Wills
Post-Dip BSc Environmental Science (Co-op)

“The opportunities I received under the Co-op program to complete six Co-op work terms gave me an edge over other graduates to find my dream job. It’s a fabulous program that gave me tremendous amount of job choices to explore my potential skills. I give Co-op at the University of Lethbridge a huge credit for putting me two years in front of other fresh university graduated in regards to work experience. It gave me an opportunity to evaluate career alternatives prior to making a final decision on a full time job with IBM.”

Dheeraj Achra
BSc Computer Science (Co-op)