Important Dates & Deadlines

Co-op Fees Due

Fall, December 7
Spring, April 14

Summer, August 15

NOTE: This is only a guideline, as fees are due on the last day of scheduled classes for each semester. Please check with the Cash Office for outstanding balances and due dates. If you choose to take an academic course in addition to your co-op work term, you must adhere to the stadard fee schedule for any related fees.

Graduation Application Deadlines (approx.)

Fall, August 1st
Spring, March 1st
NOTE: These are the approximate dates, however, this changes each year.

Click here for further information about convocation.

Monthly Reports

5th day of each month. Please send electronic copies to your Co-op Coordinator. Be sure your name and the date is at the top of your report.

*Please Note: If the 5th falls on a weekend or bank holiday, please turn in your report on the next work day.

Final Work Term Reports

Spring, June 15
Summer, October 15
Fall, February 15

*Please Note: If the 15th falls on a weekend or bank holiday, please turn in your final report on the next work day. This is only a guideline as there are some instances where you will need to hand in your final report much earlier (i.e. graduation, scholarship applications, staff tuition benefit). If any of these instances pertain to you, please contact your coordinator for your individual deadlines.