How to Succeed in Co-op!

Success in the Co-operative Education program takes hard work and tenacity. That means you should:

  • Apply to the Co-op program as early as possible (first semester or first year is great!)
  • Begin the career process by carefully planning your academic program and career options. Contact your Academic Advising office and/or the Career Bridge office (Room AH151, phone 403-329-2000).
  • Prepare for employment by getting involved in volunteer or part-time activities related to your career goals. The Career Bridge office can help you with this!
  • Develop employability skills through courses, workshops, and volunteer work. Employers want students with computer, writing, critical thinking, and organizational skills. Potential employees will improve their chances of finding a job if they can demonstrate initiative as well as strong communication, teamwork, and presentation skills.
  • Attend pre-employment workshops on resume writing, interview skills, presentations and expectations in the workplace. These are offered by the Career Bridge office every semester.
  • Check the private Co-op job board often. Positions will be posted throughout the year and change regularly. You do not want to miss your chance for a dream job!
  • Don’t be intimidated by the job postings. Apply for all the jobs that interest you! If you have any questions, please visit the Career Bridge office.
  • Update the Career Bridge office if your academic major(s), career aspirations or contact information have changed.
  • Review and understand the U of L Principles of Student Citizenship.


“My co-op work experience exposed me to a wide variety of opportunities for advancement and growth within and outside of the government sector.”

—Manwar Khan, BSc Computer Science & GIS Co-op Graduate, University of Lethbridge