Co-op Employers

What is Co-operative Education?

  • Co-operative Education is an experiential learning oppor­tunity promoting partnerships between students, employers, and the University of Leth­bridge. Co-op offers employers access to a pool of educated candidates for immediate term positions and/or future recruit­ment needs.
  • This partnership benefits all parties by creating closer liai­sons between industry, higher education, government, and the community.
  • Students integrate a full aca­demic program with alternative periods of career or discipline-related paid work experience.
  • Co-op students bring energy, enthusiasm, and innovation to the workplace. They are moti­vated and willing to learn.

How do you Benefit from Hiring a Student?

Employers involved in the Co-op program are considered to be co-educators. Students can fulfill seasonal/short term needs, complete special projects, or assist the organization’s staff to perform other tasks.

Hiring a Co-op student is a cost-effective means of evaluating and screening the potential of future employees. If permanent employment opportunities arise, Co-operative Education graduates require significantly less training and may already be familiar with your organization.

Employers also have the opportunity for dialogue and the exchange of ideas, including collaborative research with University faculty. Employers can also enhance their recruitment image on campus and strengthen professional relationships through support of the program.

Students are pre-screened and appreciate the vital role Co-op employers have in their learn­ing and career development.

U of L Co-op Advantage

University of Lethbridge students are:

  • Skilled, motivated, and highly unique in their academic preparation due to the quality of the education pro­vided by our faculty
  • Able to benefit from small class sizes and community partnerships
  • Challenged to think critically and independently through team and case-based learning opportunities
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Competent in their field of study
  • Responsible for their learning

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