Applying for Jobs

Job Application Process - Applying for a Co-op job?

Once you are admitted to the Co-op program you will be granted access to the online job board. To log on to the job board, you will need to use your University of Lethbridge email username and password. If you are having difficulties with the on-line job board please contact us.

It is up to you to apply for any Co-op positions listed on the job board. Students should submit their resume and cover letter to the Co-op Office by the deadline indicated on the posting and should carefully follow the "How to Apply" instructions in each job posting. You must submit a separate cover letter for each position (unless otherwise stated).

Students who have been selected for an interview will be contacted by the Co-op Office with interview instructions. Interviews may be held on campus, at the place of employment or by telephone. From time to time an employer may contact you directly to arrange an interview. If this happens, please ensure that you notify your Co-op Coordinator.

Generally, students must accept the first position offered. For this reason it is imperative that you make serious applications, and that you are willing to accept all the requirements a position may entail. If, for example, you do not like the cold, do not apply for positions located in the Yukon. Students who are applying to more than one Co-op position and who are subsequently offered more than one interview should see the Co-op Office to "rank" their applications.

The University of Lethbridge does not guarantee employment positions. Successful placement depends upon labour market conditions, mutual cooperation and effort from the student, the University and the employer.

Examples of Employers who have hired Co-op students:

BSc Students:

A & B Environmental - Taber Herbicide Applicator
A.D.R.I., Health Canada - Lethbridge Virology Research Technician
Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada - Lethbridge Research Assistant
Canadian Hunter Exploration Ltd. Network Assistant
Cyanamid -Lethbridge & Calgary Field Research Assistant
Nortel Networks - Calgary, Ottawa & Dallas, TX Database/Network Support
Syncrude Canada - Ft. McMurray LAN Administrator
University of Lethbridge - Chemistry Department Chemical Lab Researcher
Research in Motion - Blackberry (IT)
Electronic Arts - Gaming
Sunnybrook Medical Research - Medical research

BA Students:

University of Lethbridge - Psychology Department Research Assistant
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce - Agricultural Specialist
Department of Indian Affairs, Ottawa - Senior Researcher
Southern Alberta Historic sites - Lethbridge Economic Researcher

Town of Taber - Urban & Municipal Planner
Writing on Stone Provincial Park, Milk River - Park Naturalist/Interpreter
Foreign Affairs

How to Apply and Get the Job!

Yes, getting your dream Co-op job involves applying yourself to your studies and having a great skill set, but don’t forget that failing to properly market yourself can be detrimental!

Think of your resume as a personalized marketing tool. You must tailor it to each specific posting. Review the job duties and skill requirements and then highlight your best skills and attributes on your cover letter. Make sure to address those skills the employer is looking for and more!

Here are some additional tips and suggestions to help you along the way:

Email your applications (resume/cover letter) to

Top 5 Reasons to Email your application:
1. If you have a small error we may be able to correct it.
2. It saves a tree.
3. It saves you money.
4. It saves time.
5. We save backup copies in case you lose yours.

  • It is so easy to do, just click the “email” link at the bottom of the job posting and attach your resume and cover letter.
  • Save money and a tree, if you submit your application via email, you do not need to submit a hard copy.
  • All companies are different. Please pay careful attention to the variations in instructions and carefully review the “How to Apply” section of each job posting.
  • If a company has multiple postings, you must submit a separate cover letter for each position, unless specifically requested not to.
  • If requested to list the positions you are applying for in order of preference (in the top right hand corner of your cover letter), the most effective way to do this is to insert them into your document header. If you require assistance, please contact us at
  • Some employers are VERY specific in their requests, and therefore it is essential for you to follow all of the special instructions.
  • NEVER include the U of L Co-op Office Job Posting Number found at the top of each posting.
  • Please allow 2-3 days prior to the deadline in order to proof read. Special requests should go through a Coordinator.


  • Feel free to use your own personal “template.” It is important, however, that you proof read and spell-check your letter.
  • Don’t make the mistake of including the wrong company name!!
  • Remember, your cover letter is your best first impression. Make it GOOD, and get it right the first time!

Standard Salutation:

Mr./Mrs./Ms Last Name

Standard Addressing:
If you cut and paste from the job board don’t forget to delete the commas and match up the fonts.

Mr./Mrs./Ms Last Name
Street Address
City, Province
Postal Code

Access Ning here for a refresher on required cover letter writing practices.

Rules to Remember

If the Co-op Office acts as the contact for a student (e.g. forwards your resume, tells you about the position), that position must be taken as a Co-op placement. As a result you are required to pay the Co-op work term fee and complete the Co-op written reports by their respective deadlines.

The following example illustrates a common Cooperative Education Scenario:

Assume the Co-op office contacted and convinced ABC Corp. to post a Computer Science job for summer 2006. One of our computer science students (we'll call him Bob) gets the job and completes a four month work term with ABC Corp. At the end of the summer Bob returns to full time studies at the University. In March 2007, ABC Corp. contacts Bob and asks him to do another summer Co-op/Internship starting May 2007. Bob agrees and signs a letter of acceptance. Meanwhile, ABC informs the Co-op office that Bob will be working for them again. The Co-op Office contacts Bob to sign him up for Co-op, but Bob refuses saying the office hasn't helped him this year.


Bob must take his Summer 2007 work term as Co-op because the Co-op Office was instrumental in helping Bob get his start with ABC Corp. The Co-op office contacted ABC Corp., posted the job, forwarded Bob's resume, arranged interviews, and expressed confidence to ABC regarding Bob's ability to perform on the job.