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  • What is Co-operative Education?
    Co-op is an educational process which promotes partnerships between students, employers (including many of our very own Faculty) and the University of Lethbridge to create a unique and enriching learning environment. This worldwide program strengthens educational programs, while providing employers with access to well-educated candidates for immediate term positions and/or future permanent recruitment needs.

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  • Employer Benefits
    The employer benefits in this partnership by gaining access to eager employees with new ideas, current technical skills and a proven ability to learn. Co-op also provides a cost effective opportunity for an organization to meet short-term/seasonal needs. Students can complete special projects and undertake tasks to allow permanent employees to concentrate on higher level responsibilities.

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  • Appointments
    Stop by our front desk in AH154 Anderson Hall or call Career and Co-op Services reception at 403-329-2000 to book an appointment with a Co-op Coordinator.

    The Arts & Science Co-op office is located in the Career and Co-op Services office in Anderson Hall AH154 at the Lethbridge campus. Reception and front office space is shared with Applied Studies, Management Co-op, and Career and Employment Services (each independent units).

  • Hours of Operation
    Monday-Friday 9am-noon, 1pm-4pm

    Mailing Address
    Co-operative Education & Internships
    University of Lethbridge
    Faculty of Arts and Science
    AH154, 4401 University Drive
    Lethbridge, Alberta T1K 3M4
    Phone: 403-332-4461
    Fax: 403-329-2112

  • CampusHow to Find Us
    Coming for a visit? Here's how to arrive at and find your way around our Lethbridge campus:

  • What is Co-op?
    Co-operative Education combines real-world work experience with academic studies and has garnered international recognition as the preferred way to complete a degree. The program works to create a partnership between students, the University, and the employer, and to offer students an extended learning environment, and the ability to network with employers.

    If you are in the Faculty of Arts & Science at the UofL, you should be in Co-op. Find out more!

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  • New to the UofL?
    If you’re looking for a supportive, personalised learning environment that also focuses on cutting edge research and related Co-op Education & Internship opportunities to all students in the Faculty of Arts & Science, the UofL is exactly where you should be.

  • Holly Miller BA (Co-op), English & French"Career choices don’t come easily for most of us. They didn’t for me. Thankfully I go to a university where I can discover my passion - a university with a great Co-op program where I gain hands-on learning experience and explore career options before I graduate."

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  • Resources & Support
    Co-op and the University of Lethbridge is geared to give you all the support you need to have a successful university experience.




    Graduate Studies
    Whatever direction your academic career leads you, the UofL provides a solid foundation for development in a research focused environment. Consider pursuing Co-op as part of your Master's degree program (MA, MASc, MSc).

  • Scheduling
    Students may complete work terms of 4, 8, 12, or 16 months starting at the beginning of any semester: Fall (September-December), Winter/Spring (January-April), and Summer (May-August).

    What are the deadlines?
    We endeavor to make your student recruitment process hassle-free, offering full inter­view set-up, preparation and facilitation at no cost. Click here for more information about the Recruitment Process.

  • U of L Co-op Advantage
    University of Lethbridge students are:

    • Skilled, motivated, and highly unique in their academic preparation due to the quality of the education pro­vided by our faculty
    • Able to benefit from small class sizes and community partnerships
    • Challenged to think critically and independently through team and case-based learning opportunities
    • Flexible and adaptable
    • Competent in their field of study
    • Responsible for their learning
  • What are the Arts & Science majors?
    The U of L Faculty of Arts & Science offers a large number of majors to students across the humanities, social sciences and sciences. Although students have the opportunity to pursue their specific area of concentration, they are required to take a wide variety of UofL courses that provide a solid liberal based education.

    To learn more about Co-op at the University of Lethbridge, please visit our Employer section.

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