Below is a course list for the Spring semester of 2016.

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BCHM 2000AIntroductory BiochemistryBrian Dempsey
BCHM 2000BIntroductory BiochemistrySteven Mosimann
BCHM 2300BElements of Human NutritionBrian Dempsey
BCHM 31001BCHM 3100 Lab 1Quintin Steynen
BCHM 31002BCHM 3100 Lab 2Brian Dempsey
BCHM 3100AProteins, Enzymes and Nucleic AcidsUte Wieden-Kothe
BCHM 3850ABioinformatics IAthanasios Zovoilis
BCHM 4000AImmunologyTrushar Patel
BCHM 4000BAdvanced Contemporary BiochemistryTrushar Patel
BCHM 5000AImmunologyTrushar Patel
BCHM 5000BAdvanced Contemporary BiochemistryTrushar Patel
BCHM 5850ABioinformatics IAthanasios Zovoilis
BCHM 7000BAdvanced Contemporary BiochemistryTrushar Patel
BCHM 7850ABioinformatics IAthanasios Zovoilis
CHEM 0500AIntroduction to Modern ChemistryJohn Eng
CHEM 1000AGeneral Chemistry IMichael Gerken
CHEM 1000BGeneral Chemistry IMichael Gerken
CHEM 1000CGeneral Chemistry ISusan Findlay
CHEM 1110AChemistry for Life Sciences IYing Zheng
CHEM 2000AGeneral Chemistry IIMarc Roussel
CHEM 24101CHEM 2410 Lab 1Wayne Lippa
CHEM 24102CHEM 2410 Lab 2John Eng
CHEM 2410AAnalytical Chemistry IWayne Lippa
CHEM 2500AOrganic Chemistry IPaul Hayes
CHEM 2500BOrganic Chemistry IPaul Hayes
CHEM 26001CHEM 2600 Lab 1Greg Patenaude
CHEM 2600AOrganic Chemistry IIGreg Patenaude
CHEM 37301CHEM 3730 Lab 1Paul Hazendonk
CHEM 3730AAdvanced Physical ChemistryPaul Hazendonk
CHEM 4000AMedicinal ChemistrySusan Findlay
CHEM 40101CHEM 4010 Lab 1Rene Boere
CHEM 4010APrinciples of Electrochemistry and EPR SpectroscopyRene Boere
CHEM 50101CHEM 5010 Lab 1Rene Boere
CHEM 5010APrinciples of Electrochemistry and EPR SpectroscopyRene Boere
CHEM 5250AAdvanced Contemporary ChemistryPeter Dibble
CHEM 70101CHEM 7010 Lab 1Rene Boere
CHEM 7010APrinciples of Electrochemistry and EPR SpectroscopyRene Boere
CHEM 7250AAdvanced Contemporary ChemistryPeter Dibble