Below is a course list for the Spring semester of 2016.

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BCHM 2000AIntroductory BiochemistrySteven Mosimann
BCHM 2000BIntroductory BiochemistryNehalkumar Thakor
BCHM 2300AElements of Human NutritionBrian Dempsey
BCHM 33001BCHM 3300 Lab 1Brian Dempsey
BCHM 33002BCHM 3300 Lab 2Dylan Girodat
BCHM 3300ABioenergetics and MetabolismHans-Joachim Wieden
BCHM 4000APrinciples of Protein StructuresSteven Mosimann
CHEM 05001CHEM 0500 Lab 1Michelle Hogue
CHEM 0500AIntroduction to Modern ChemistryJohn Eng
CHEM 0500BIntroduction to Modern ChemistryMichelle Hogue
CHEM 0500CIntroduction to Modern ChemistryJohn Eng
CHEM 10001CHEM 1000 Lab 1Stefan Lenz
CHEM 10002CHEM 1000 Lab 2Ryan Kung
CHEM 10003CHEM 1000 Lab 3Stefan Lenz
CHEM 10004CHEM 1000 Lab 4Ryan Kung
CHEM 1000AGeneral Chemistry IJohn Eng
CHEM 20001CHEM 2000 Lab 1Dora Capatos
CHEM 200010CHEM 2000 Lab 10Daniel Stuart
CHEM 20002CHEM 2000 Lab 2Nathan Kostiuk
CHEM 20003CHEM 2000 Lab 3Tracey Roemmele
CHEM 20004CHEM 2000 Lab 4Yeasmin Ratna
CHEM 20005CHEM 2000 Lab 5Dora Capatos
CHEM 20006CHEM 2000 Lab 6Rhys Hakstol
CHEM 20007CHEM 2000 Lab 7Daniel Stuart
CHEM 20008CHEM 2000 Lab 8Rhys Hakstol
CHEM 20009CHEM 2000 Lab 9Yeasmin Ratna
CHEM 2000AGeneral Chemistry IIMichael Gerken
CHEM 2000BGeneral Chemistry IITracey Roemmele
CHEM 21201CHEM 2120 Lab 1Madhuri Digmurti
CHEM 21202CHEM 2120 Lab 2Madhuri Digmurti
CHEM 21203CHEM 2120 Lab 3Douglas Turnbull
CHEM 2120AChemistry for Life Sciences IIYing Zheng
CHEM 25001CHEM 2500 Lab 1Harland Brandon
CHEM 25002CHEM 2500 Lab 2Harland Brandon
CHEM 25003CHEM 2500 Lab 3Christopher Forfar
CHEM 2500AOrganic Chemistry IPaul Hayes
CHEM 26001CHEM 2600 Lab 1Shahin Sowlati Hashjin
CHEM 26002CHEM 2600 Lab 2Shahin Sowlati Hashjin
CHEM 26003CHEM 2600 Lab 3Connor MacNeil
CHEM 26004CHEM 2600 Lab 4Connor MacNeil
CHEM 26005CHEM 2600 Lab 5Tara Dickie
CHEM 2600AOrganic Chemistry IIGreg Patenaude
CHEM 2600BOrganic Chemistry IIGreg Patenaude
CHEM 27401CHEM 2740 Lab 1Wayne Lippa
CHEM 27402CHEM 2740 Lab 2Wayne Lippa
CHEM 27403CHEM 2740 Lab 3Wayne Lippa
CHEM 27404CHEM 2740 Lab 4Wayne Lippa
CHEM 2740APhysical ChemistryMarc Roussel
CHEM 3250AContemporary ChemistryPeter Dibble
CHEM 34101CHEM 3410 Lab 1Kris Fischer
CHEM 3410AAnalytical Chemistry IITracey Roemmele
CHEM 3410AAnalytical Chemistry IITracey Roemmele
CHEM 40001CHEM 4000 Lab 1Peter Dibble
CHEM 4000AAdvanced Organic ChemistryPeter Dibble