Shining Student - Luke Saville

Luke Saville

Luke Saville | Biochemistry


“Get involved in a research group at the university as early as possible. It will open up to a lot of avenues in university such as unique classes, independent studies, volunteer opportunities, and a lot of great people at the university.”

Favourite Class: Bioinformatics
Favourite Social Activity: Volunteering
Favourite Study Spot: 11th floor of library

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Independent study work on molecular mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease in The Zovoilis Lab.
  • Started volunteering with Let’s Talk Science - Lethbridge.
  • Joined the 2018 University of Lethbridge iGEM Team (student member).
  • Joined the 2018 Lethbridge High School iGEM Team (advisor).
  • Presenting 2018 iGEM project in Boston.