Shining Student - Daniel Rocca

Daniel Rocca Shining Student

Daniel Rocca | Biochemistry (Co-op)


“Talk to your professors and to the applied studies office about becoming involved in applied/independent studies. These are great ways to gain practical experience but they are student initiated, so many students do not take advantage of these opportunities until later in their degrees.”

Favourite Class: Biochemistry 3100
Favourite Social Activity: Humans vs Zombies 2016
Favourite Study Spot: Library

What makes my uLethbridge experience unique?

  • Incredible opportunities for research experience.
  • Plenty of clubs to join.
  • Professors often collaborate to increase breadth of information covered in classes.
  • Co-op terms are very flexible, allowing me to turn pre-existing jobs into co-ops.
  • Co-ops and applied studies give relevant skill to succeed in classes.