How to Apply for Applied Studies

Meet with a Coordinator to pick up an application package from Career Bridge (AH151, Anderson Halll).

All students must complete the following:

  1. Applied Studies Application Form.
  2. Field Work Placement Form.
  3. Registration Form. Note: Students doing Disciplinary Credit Applied Studies must obtain their Faculty Advisor's Signature and the corresponding Department or Area Chair's Signature on their registration forms
  4. Provide a statement outlining your proposed Applied Studies placement which must include:
    (Applied Studies 2000 complete questions 1-3).
  1. Job Description
  2. How does this position relate to your academic program?
  3. Please list some specific goals, objectives and skills you hope to gain.
  4. Preliminary research question: What academic concept(s) do you wish to pursue in relation to your field experience?
  5. How does your faculty supervisor’s area of research relate to your research question (answer to question 4)?

Submit application at Career Bridge (AH151, Anderson Hall) no later than 4 p.m. on the Deadline Date.