Norm Buchignani

Professor Emeritus
Department of Anthropology


Norman Buchignani received his BA in Physics (1969) from the University of California, Berkeley, his MA in Anthropology (1974) from California State University, Hayward, and his PhD in Anthropology (1977) from Simon Fraser University.


Inter-group Relations and Europe’s Others: contemporary ethnic theory (especially re: social identities, inter-group communications and nationalism), ethnic and race relations in Canada, historical traveller images of Khoikhoi (Hottentots), 1490-1850

Applied Social Research: health and social needs of older First Nations people in Alberta, reduction of inter-group prejudice, race and ethnic relations policy development in Canada, immigrant settlement, development of teaching materials on multiculturalism, family violence and First Nations people, community based health promotion

South Asia, Overseas Indians: environmentally-forced migration in rural Bangladesh, South Asian community structure in Canada (especially Fijians and Sikhs), Indians in Fiji, comparative analysis of the Indian diaspora

History of Anthropological Thought: history of intellectual concepts of race (1750-1840)


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