Graduate Student Profiles

Anthropology Graduate Students (2005-present)

Current Graduate Students

Geoffrey Chappell,   Incaism, heritage and indigeneity in Cañar, Ecuador.

Thuyvi Nguyen, Successfully completed field research in San Lucas, Ecuador on state and local initiatives surrounding food sovereignty and indigenous agricultural production.

Estanislao Pazmiño. Researching on Pre-Columbian ceramic production and social inequality in the Quijos Valley, Ecuador.

Jillian King

Past Graduate Students

2017    Hunter Guthrie, MA - Lived Realities: Climate Change, Neoliberalism, and Livelihood Strategies on the Southern Atiplano of Bolivia

2017    Lucia Stavig, MA - Feminist Assemblages: Peruvian Feminisms, Forced Sterilization, and the Paradox of Rights in Fujimori's Peru

2016    Kurt Lanno, MA - “Landscape, History, and Opposition among the Kainai.”

2016    Marco Yunga Tacura, MA- Reinventing Rituals and the Role of Music in the Process of Affirming Identity among the Amazonian Kichwa-Quijos from Napo, Ecuador.”

2015    Amy Mack, MA- “This isn’t what war is like: An Ethnographic Account of ARMA 3.”

2014    Ashley Dykin , MA- “ ‘Posterchild’: Notions of Community and Inclusion in a Rural Canadian City.”

2013    Allison Korn , MA-  “Our grandparents are buried here; our grandparents know:” Re-membering a Quijos Territory and Identity.”

2012    Thabit Alomari, MA- “Motivation and Socio-Cultural Sustainability of Voluntourism.”

2011    Brett W. Freemann, MA-   The Social Organization of Ground Stone Production, Distribution, and Consumption in the Quijos Valley, Eastern Ecuador.

2011    James R. Stanger, MA-   “Comuneros: Community and Indigeneity in Saraguro, Ecuador.”

2011    Jason Jenson, MA- “In Search of a Nobler Past: Incanismo and Community Tourism in Saraguro, Ecuador.”

2011    Jennifer Jenson, MA-  “Bringing Up Good Babies: An Ethnography of Moral Apprenticeship in Saraguro.”

2009    Tracy McNab, MA-  “Picnics, Potlucks and Cookbooks: Farm Women’s Clubs and the Livelihood of Community in Twentieth Century Southern Alberta.”