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ANTH 0520AThe Anthropological ImaginationPatrick Wilson
ANTH 1000AThe Anthropological PerspectivePatrick Wilson
ANTH 1000BThe Anthropological PerspectiveJodie Asselin
ANTH 2010ATheory I: Historical Foundations of Anthropological ThoughtJanice Newberry
ANTH 2210ASoutheast AsiaSteve Ferzacca
ANTH 2320AAncient SocietiesAndrea Cuellar
ANTH 2850AIntroduction to Environmental AnthropologyJodie Asselin
ANTH 3010AMethods, Knowledge, and EthicsJames MacKenzie
ANTH 3900AThe Anthropology of FoodAndrea Cuellar
ANTH 4850APsychological AnthropologySteve Ferzacca