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ANTH 1000AThe Anthropological PerspectiveAndrea Cuellar
ANTH 1000BThe Anthropological PerspectiveJames MacKenzie
ANTH 2010ATheory I: Historical Foundations of Anthropological ThoughtJanice Newberry
ANTH 2110AThe Anthropology of Popular CultureGabriel Asselin
ANTH 2200AThe Ethnographic ImaginationJodie Asselin
ANTH 2210AAge and Generation in Indigenous North AmericaJanice Newberry
ANTH 2410AAnthropological ArchaeologyJerimy Cunningham
ANTH 3000ATheory II: Contemporary Anthropological TheoryCatherine Kingfisher
ANTH 3300AGifts and CommoditiesJerimy Cunningham
ANTH 3310ARace and EthnicityPatrick Wilson
ANTH 3500ARitual, Practice, and PerformanceJames MacKenzie
ANTH 3900AThe Anthropology of Space and PlaceJodie Asselin
ANTH 4850AHeritage, Memory and PreservationAndrea Cuellar