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ANTH 1000AThe Anthropological PerspectiveJames MacKenzie
ANTH 1000BThe Anthropological PerspectiveAndrea Cuellar
ANTH 1000XThe Anthropological PerspectiveHunter Guthrie
ANTH 2200AThe Ethnographic ImaginationJodie Asselin
ANTH 2410AAnthropological ArchaeologyAndrea Cuellar
ANTH 2510ALanguage, Culture, and CommunicationCatherine Kingfisher
ANTH 2850AAnthropology of DevelopmentPatrick Wilson
ANTH 2850BAnthropology of WaterSteve Ferzacca
ANTH 3000ATheory II: Contemporary Anthropological TheorySteve Ferzacca
ANTH 3200APower and DiscourseCatherine Kingfisher
ANTH 3300AGifts and CommoditiesJanice Newberry
ANTH 3850AEnvironmental Conflict and ManagementJodie Asselin
ANTH 3900AThe Anthropology of Space and PlaceJanice Newberry
ANTH 4850AIndigeneityPatrick Wilson
ANTH 5850AEnvironmental Conflict and ManagementJodie Asselin