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ANTH 1000AThe Anthropological PerspectiveJodie Asselin
ANTH 1000BThe Anthropological PerspectiveAndrea Cuellar
ANTH 2110AAnth. of Popular CultureJames MacKenzie
ANTH 2410AAnthropological ArchaeologyAndrea Cuellar
ANTH 3000ATheory II: Contemporary Anthropological TheoryCatherine Kingfisher
ANTH 3310ARace and EthnicityPatrick Wilson
ANTH 3400AProcess, History, and Social ComplexityJerimy Cunningham
ANTH 3610AMaterial CultureJerimy Cunningham
ANTH 4850AIn and Out of our Heads: Human Nature, Anarchy and CognitionJames MacKenzie
ANTH 5310ARace and EthnicityPatrick Wilson