Agricultural Studies Programs

You can complete a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Agricultural Studies in one of two ways: by direct enrollment in the program or as a Post-Diploma BSc.

Bachelor of Arts:

The BA program is a theory-based, 40-course degree with two sub-fields: Agricultural Economics or General Studies. This program focuses on topics like agricultural economics, agricultural geography, regional development, rural communities, public policy and environmental issues. You may also opt for a Concentration in Agricultural Business.

Bachelor of Science:

The BSc program is a comprehensive, science-based 40-course degree focusing on topics such as soils, irrigation, climate and Geographical Information Science (GIS), as well as the sub-fields of Biology or Geography. You can also declare a Concentration in either GIS or Agricultural Business in the BSc program.

In either program, you will be required to attend a Technical Studies Semester at Olds College (or an approved equivalent). This is typically taken in the spring of your third year and will include courses in soil, plant and animal science, as well as agricultural management.

Post-Diploma Degrees:

If you already have an approved college diploma, this two-year BA or BSc program will enhance your previous training with extensive theoretical knowledge. You may also declare a Concentration in Agricultural Business (BA or BSc) or GIS (BSc only). Contact your program Coordinator for information on approved diplomas.