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Does farming or ranching define who you are? Do you long for a career that will enable you to enjoy a rural agricultural lifestyle? Do you want to be the one to make a difference in resolving global problems in agri-food production, marketing and trade?

Cultivate your passion in Agricultural Studies.

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What is Agricultural Studies?

Agricultural Studies delves into the relationships between the social, economic, political and environmental factors that affect the agricultural sector—from farm level production to international policy.

This unique program focuses on both the art and the science of agricultural practices from theoretical and applied perspectives, including extensive lab experience and a special emphasis on current issues and cutting-edge research.

As an Agricultural Studies student, you will develop an expansive breadth and depth of knowledge in all things agriculture. Firmly grounded in the humanities and natural and social sciences, this liberal education approach ensures comprehensive, multi-faceted exposure to the study of agriculture and agri-food.

As a multidisciplinary major, Agricultural Studies takes full advantage resources and course offerings in the Biological Sciences, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Geography and Economics Departments.

This broad the range of perspectives will expand your understanding of issues such as policy development, the farm as a production unit and the environmental implications of land use. You’ll also be exposed to the latest developments in genetic engineering, precision farming and animal nutrition, to name just a few.

For more information refer to your Program Planning Guide or speak to your program Coordinator or an Academic Advisor.