Agricultural Studies Courses

In addition to courses in Biological Sciences, Economics, and Geography among others, students are required to take some or all of the following specific Agricultural Studies courses, depending on their chosen degree.

Course selections for the program will vary, but may include:

  • Animal & Plant Physiology
  • Genetics
  • Agricultural Policy
  • Ecology
  • Microbiology
  • Economic Geography
  • Biotechnology
  • Weather & Climate
  • Agricultural Geography
  • Soils & Irrigation
  • Environmental Economics
  • Resource Management
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Agricultural Markets

Course Descriptions - Agricultural Studies

Agricultural Studies 1000
The Evolution of Agriculture

Credit hours: 3.0
Contact hours per week: 3-0-0

A review of major developments in agriculture from medieval Europe to the new world and industrial agriculture. Particular emphasis on the history of agricultural policy in Canada. The role of indigenous peoples and women in agriculture, world food issues and the environmental consequences of modern agriculture.

Agricultural Studies 3300
Modelling of Agricultural Systems

Credit hours: 3.0
Contact hours per week: 3-2-0

Modelling biological, economic, social and ecological components of agricultural systems. The quantitative methods of economic analysis of agricultural systems are introduced. Application of linear algebra and linear programming to farm management problems. Use of computer software.
Economics 1010;Third-year standing (a minimum of 60.0 credit hours)

Agricultural Studies 3999
Collaborative Registration Placeholder

This is a placeholder registration for students admitted to the Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc) with a major in Agricultural Studies who are enrolled in the Technical Studies Semester at an associated college.
Note: No fees are assessed for this registration.

Agricultural Studies 4000
Seminars in Agricultural Issues Series

Credit hours: 3.0
Contact hours per week: 3-0-0

Capstone seminars in agricultural issues. Offerings may include guest lectures from prominent administrators and researchers in agriculture, field trips, readings and papers.
Prerequisite(s): Will be specified (including any recommended background)for individual offerings.

Agricultural Studies 4300
Advanced Modelling of Agricultural Systems

Credit hours: 3.0
Contact hours per week: 3-2-0

Applied decision analysis with an agricultural focus. Mathematical techniques for solving optimization and constrained optimization problems in agriculture: linear programming, quadratic programming, integer programming, dynamic programming and simulation. Case studies.
Prerequisite(s): Agricultural Studies 3300