Welcome to the webpages of the Academic Writing Program. I hope you will find the information we present here helpful, and I encourage you to stop by our offices to meet us in person if you have any questions about academic writing or about the study of rhetoric and composition at the University of Lethbridge.

Many students are apprehensive about writing when they first arrive on campus. We try to provide clear and practical instruction in university-level rhetoric and composition in our introductory and advanced classes, instruction that will help students to become more effective readers and writers in the disciplines in which they choose to study.

To this end, we work to help students understand the genres or kinds of writing they will encounter at the university, to dispel misconceptions about writing, and to create an environment in our writing-intensive classes in which students will develop confidence, independence, and expertise in rhetoric and composition--in the reading, writing, and reasoning skills that are essential to scholarly as well as to personal and professional success.

We believe that writing is central--not peripheral--to learning and to scholarly knowledge-making. Effective academic writers must be keenly aware of the social situations in which they use language and highly self-reflexive about how to use words to do things in those times and places: to write effective sentences and paragraphs, to summarize scholarly articles, to construct effective arguments, to persuade audiences of the validity of one's claims, to analyze objects or events or problems, and to cite and document sources. For many student academic writers, the Research Paper represents the culmination of this discursive activity; it is thus an especially important genre to master at the university level.

Thank you for your interest in the University of Lethbridge Academic Writing Program. Please contact us if you have further questions about academic writing and your program of study.

Dr Clifford A. Lobe
Academic Writing Program