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Added October, 2012
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Produced by Metro Cinema and AMAAS

For 14 years Prairie Tales has offered a selection of some of the year’s best short films and videos made by Albertan media artists in a feature-length compilation. This anthology showcasing work from the shining lights of the Alberta media arts scene is distributed and screened across Alberta (and beyond) until the end of August the following year.

The most current edition, Prairie Tales 14, will be in circulation until August 31, 2013.

Prairie Tales is produced by Metro Cinema and AMAAS and with funding assistance from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

You can find out more about Prairie Tales by visiting their Frequently Asked Questions page.


For even more information or to schedule a Prairie Tales screening in your community, please contact the Prairie Tales Tour Coordinator at:
Metro Cinema
8712 109 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 1E9
T: 780.425.9212
F: 780.428.3509
E: prairietalesatamaasdotca


C’est La Vie: The Chris J. Melnychuk Story
Various Artists
2011, 7:00

Building on live footage from Melnychuk’s last, unfinished film, C’est La Vie documents the animator’s battle with tongue cancer.






Without Them…I May Have Been Blind
Peter Curtis Morgan
2011, 2:21

A collaboration between three artists of different practices, this two-minute video combines visual, audio, and written elements into an experimental and harmonious visual poem.






All Round Junior Male
Lindsay McIntyre
2011, 7:30

A single-subject portrait of a young Nunamiut athlete practicing his sport, focusing on the materiality of film and its surface textures.






Empezar, In Pieces
Rosanna Terracianno
2011, 5:43

Drawing on her experience as a dancer and choreographer, Terracianno, explores elements of dance on film or videodance.






Finding Home
Eva Colmers
2011, 11:55

Without possessions and home, the young vagabond Bo is drifting along: from big city to the desert and the jungle. She uses what others throw away, and with a touch of magic, she overcomes the obstacles in her way to find a true home.





From The Farmer’s Mouth
Kevin Kossowan
2011, 9:30

A compilation from the “From Local Farms” project of Kevin TV, an online series to allow consumers to meet the places where our local food comes from.






Lines for Clarinet
John Osborne
2011, 4:47

An animated video created to a musical composition written and performed by Edmonton clarinetist Don Ross.






Nicole LaLonde
2011, 2:33

A depiction of the artist and her twin sister, Melissa, attempting but failing to occupy the same space.






Not Far from the Abbatoir
Kyle Thomas
2011, 15:00

The story of a man controlling his demons, trying to imagine a better life outside of the only town he has ever called home.






The Pocket Watch
Greg Doble
2011, 4:47

A non-verbal animation depicting two worlds colliding and how it affects the central character.






Leslea Kroll & Kyle Armstrong
2012, 4:38

An abstract polemic on the capitalist caused ecological disaster in our own backyards.






Zoe Slusar & Bailey Kerluke
2012, 4:38

This film composes several different elements into a unified expression of what contributes to out individual identity. It asks the viewer to consider what significant life events build a person up to their complete self, while also suggesting perhaps we are never fully complete.





Spirit of the Bluebird
Xtine Cook & Jesse Gouchey
2011, 5:49

Using spray paint on a fence and garage where Aboriginal mother and grandmother Gloria Black Plume was brutally murdered in 1999, Cree artist Jesse Gouchey paints a large scale animation of a bluebird in flight.






Kari McQueen
2012, 3:04

A video work that explores sharing/translating the experience of artistic development.






Why Dad MMXI
Wednesday Lupypciw
2011, 11:16

Inspired by an artist’s unsuccessful grant application, this film explores the mirrored experiences of her and her father’s rejection, perseverance, and hope.





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